Sen. Marco Rubio: Here’s how we fight the woke elites running corporate America


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America’s many corporate elites woke up, the Marxist mob that dominates the Internet and Hollywood

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American companies used to be proud of their country. But today, many people spend more time apologizing or making fun of it than running their own business.

Instead of patriotic leaders who need capitalism, to awaken America’s corporate elite today, the Marxist mob that dominates the Internet and Hollywood.


The question is, how do we, patriotic Americans who love capitalism and freedom, fight the growing tyranny of the waking elite that runs Corporate America?

One solution is to empower shareholders to push back. If you own a stock, invest in a mutual fund, have a company-sponsored 401k, you are a shareholder and legal duties are paid by the corporations you invest in. The truth is that corporate executives keep you in the dark about your authority. To hold them accountable for how they spend your money.

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That’s why I’m introducing the Mind Your Own Business Act to empower shareholders to take action when a company follows the latest awakening, Marxist craze: boycotting a state, offering services to politically adversarial groups. depriving them of, or remaking their workforce to advance concepts like critical race theory.

Under current law, a shareholder has the right to sue corporate officers when they take actions that are motivated by their politics rather than your financial interests. But corporations stack the decks to make these lawsuits hopeless. They change provisions in their bylaws to protect themselves, leaving America behind.

The solution is simple: These large, publicly traded companies should provide a clear path for shareholders to file a lawsuit when they are sued in response to these actions. My bill would put the burden of proof on the company to show that these actions were in the best interest of shareholders, and would hold corporate officers personally liable if they cannot prove it.

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No more legal tricks that save these corporate executives from accountability. If they really believe that waking up is good for business, they must say and prove so under oath in court.

The actions covered would include corporate boycotts of states and industries for non-financial reasons. Remember when Nike took a shoe off the market because it had an American flag on it? Or when Coca-Cola threw a tantrum over Georgia’s voting integrity law? Or how about when Gillette’s “toxic masculinity” ad campaign caused her parent company to lose billions of dollars in revenue?

Some companies have experienced the “wake up, go break” response they deserved, and some haven’t yet.

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Regardless, shareholders shouldn’t be left on the hook for making stupid corporate decisions. It is time to turn around and put pressure on these companies from within.

The best part is that we are not extending the government to regulate the behavior of corporations. Instead, we are simply empowering shareholders – the people who have the real skin in the game of how these companies are run – who are sick and tired of the awake, Marxist mob hijacking every area of ​​our lives. Is.

As an elected official, I have an obligation to the American people, not to the corporate elite. These are often stateless corporations that amass a fortune divorced from the fate of our great country, pursuing socially destructive policies at home.

The time has come for us, the people, to take back our power from the crowd bowing before the Marxists and the weak corporate leaders.

If we do nothing, we will lose any chance of winning the 21st century and achieving the American dream for our children and grandchildren.

Republican Marco Rubio represents Florida in the United States Senate.

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