Sen. Blackburn tours border, says crisis ‘cannot continue’ as she calls on Biden admin to step up


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Blackburn met with pastoralists and border officials in a border visit on Friday

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MISSION, Texas — Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Ten., first saw the situation on the southern border on Friday, and called on the Biden administration to act,

“This can’t continue,” Blackburn told Granthshala News during a one-night tour of the border, when asked what it had to do with what he had seen. “That you have to find a way to secure this southern border, the security of our country and our sovereignty depends on resolving this issue.”


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The Tennessee lawmaker said the crisis at the border was the number one issue for its constituents, particularly human trafficking, sex trafficking, drug trafficking and its other effects on non-border states.

“Since [President] Biden won’t secure this border, every city is a border city, every state is a border state and Tennessee is very concerned about that,” she told Granthshala, as gunshots were heard from the Mexican side of the border behind her. .

Earlier in the day, Blackburn received a briefing from Texas Department of Public Safety officials who have seen searches for vehicles filled with illegal immigrants increase by up to 1,000% in some areas over the same period last year, as well as a significant Have seen the race. Regarding illegal drugs coming from across the border. DPS officials said the Border Patrol has caught 1.1 million illegal immigrants in the state of Texas alone.

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Blackburn also visited a riverbank in South Texas, viewed unfinished sections of the border wall and met with the sheriff, as well as cattle ranchers affected by the increase in illegal immigrants crossing the border.

The ranchers showed the senator how their fence had been destroyed and outlined the enormous costs of repairing them, along with the cost of rounding back their cattle and losing crops.

“It’s something they have to deal with, they haven’t done anything wrong, it’s just that their fields and farms are close to the border,” she said.

While the Biden administration has sought to place the blame on the Trump administration on root causes such as the boom and poverty, corruption and violence in Central America, Ranchers and others have pinned the blame on the policies of the Biden administration – and asked why they did not do so with Vice President Kamala. Heard from top executives like Harris.

Migrant crisis could bring 1 million people to US-Mexico border, warns Guatemalan activist

“Where is Kamala? Where is she?” A farmer asked. “How come she didn’t come here?”

Blackburn also spent time talking to Border Patrol members, many of whom said dismantling the border wall, re-establishing Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP) and ending “catch-and-release” were major steps. July and August saw more than 200,000 encounters.

“They want to keep some Title 42 as well,” she said, referring to the Trump-era order allowing the rapid evacuation of migrants because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “They are very concerned about the health implications.”

Any hope, however, is that the Biden administration will change course on the wall, as the Department of Homeland Security announced Friday that it is canceling even more border wall contracts in Laredo and the Rio Grande Valley.

The Trump-era border wall remains unfinished even after the Biden administration banned it.  (Fox News)

Blackburn told Granthshala how, in addition to reinstating Trump-era border policies, she also supported harsher punishments for smugglers and drug traffickers, including allowing those involved in such activities to receive taxpayer-funded welfare. was prohibited from doing so.

“One thing that was quite remarkable to me was that how many of these traffickers and drug peddlers live in government housing, get government benefits, and their side is working as a smuggler, a drug mule or a smuggler – and When you catch someone they should immediately lose all those benefits,” she said.

But on a night tour of the border, which Granthshala News also participated in, Border Patrol agents encountered several groups of migrant family units making their way to the nearest border station, some with very young children. The Border Patrol has put up laminated signs pointing to processing stations so that migrants don’t get lost.

Those migrants, agents warned, could be released into the US interior that night or as soon as the next morning if they did not qualify to be removed under Title 42.

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