Sen. Barrasso says Dems need ‘40 different taxes’ to pay for $3.5T reconciliation bill


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Barrasso says Democrats’ reconciliation bill will require ‘heavy taxes’ to pay

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John Barrasso said the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill proposed by Democrats would require “40 different taxes” to be paid with additional money to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), so that its agents will be charged with the Bank of Americans. To “spy” on accounts. Sunday.

The Wyoming Republican, who is the third-ranked member of the GOP’s Senate leadership, told “Sunday Morning Futures” anchor Maria Bartiromo that Democrats would need “massive taxes” to pay for the proposed package.


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“We’re talking about 40 different taxes, including this extra money for the IRS,” Barrasso said. “Janet Yellen, the Treasury Secretary, wants to use it to employ an army of IRS agents to spy on Americans’ checking accounts, banking accounts.”

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Barrasso said the 2,500-page bill – costing about $1,400,000,000 per page – would “massively expand” the government’s role in Americans’ lives.

“Their goal is the complete takeover of the lives of the American people, which is why I call it ‘Big Government Socialism,’ and it is an extension of government and an addiction to government like we have never imagined or seen before.” Barrasso said.

He also called the bill an “attack on American energy” that would increase energy costs, including at gas pumps, which have already seen rising prices nationwide.

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“Joe Biden has surrendered to this socialist wing of the party, even to the extent of holding hostage bridges, harbors, airports highways, what the American people really need,” he said.

Progressive Democrats have refused to agree to an infrastructure deal until a reconciliation package is passed.

Barrasso called Biden “an incredibly shrinking president of the United States” who is “politically facing roaring flames all around him” in Afghanistan, on the southern border, including inflation and a tremendous jobs report. In the midst of the ongoing crises, together with COVID-19.

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