Seattle hair salon robbed by armed men in ‘Scream’ masks


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Police describe an active and ongoing investigation

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Three armed men wearing “Scream” masks rob a Seattle hair salon at gunpoint, video shows.

The incident took place on Sunday evening at around 6.30 pm in the 6700 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Way South in the Rainier Valley district.


Salon owner Jenny Nguyen provided surveillance footage of the robbery to Granthshala News.

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Three masked men were seen casually entering the front of the building, waving guns at the staff.

“Nobody walks,” says one of the robbers, before asking where the money was kept.

Nguyen’s daughter, Jenny Lam, said the robbers stole money, car keys and purses. Employees and customers were not injured, but were “definitely shaken,” she said.

The suspects fled in a silver van with a New Mexico plate. Granthshala 13 reported.

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Police described their investigation of the robbery as active and ongoing and did not provide further details.

One of the robbers is demanding money.

Lam has set up a GoFundMe account to help cover the cost of replacing stolen items and setting up a better security system.

“My mom has worked in her salon for over 20 years,” Lam wrote. “Even after her salon ransacked this summer, she continues to work for her clients.”

Investigators believe Sunday’s robbery may be linked to another robbery at an Asian-owned business in Renton, about 12 miles south of Seattle, Granthshala 13 reported.

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