Scott Foley opens up about leaving Los Angeles: ‘It’s the best’


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Actor currently starring in ‘The Big Leap’

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Scott Foley is happy with his decision to head east.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the 49-year-old actor and his wife have opted to relocate out of Los Angeles, where he has lived for 30 years.


in one Granthshala 29’s Interview with Stephanie Weaver, Foley revealed that they packed up and took their three children — Malina Jean, 11, Keller Alexander, 9, and Konrad, 6 — to the East Coast.

The decision, he said, “was about the best place to raise the kids.”

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“It’s the best. I’m so glad we did it,” Foley said. “It’s been an amazing experience. My kids love the public schools here. My wife has made friends, so that’s a good thing.”

‘The Big Leap’ star Scott Foley says new show is full of ‘excitement and hope’

Foley said he wasn’t always such a family man, however, having previously placed his work high on his list of priorities—a similarity between him and his latest character, Nick Blackburn, on the show “The Big Leap.” Foley’s character Blackburn is an executive producer of a reality dance competition show.

“I am ashamed to say that I am very similar to this character,” the actor said. “Work comes first to him, and has been so for a long time in my life.”

She decided to land the role after working as the host of a reality show “Allen’s Next Great Designer”.

“The inside look I had at the behind-the-scenes drama that happened on the reality show was something I was very happy to pass up on,” he shared.

“The Big Leap” is a feel-good show that focuses on self-acceptance and empowerment.

Foley said he’s hoping viewers see the new show as “an hour of escapism” that allows them to “relate to the characters on screen, laugh a little, and enjoy themselves.”

“The Big Leap” airs Mondays at 8/9c on Granthshala.

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