Sam’s Club stocks up on turkeys ahead of bustling holiday season


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Sam’s Club is stocking turkeys that weigh at least 18 pounds

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Members-only warehouse Sam’s Club is stocking up on plump turkeys and tall Christmas trees as it anticipates a bustling holiday season with many families gathering for the first time in two years because of the pandemic.

Walmart-owned wholesale retailer announced According to Chief Member Officer Tony Rogers, on Friday it has stocked up on sizable holiday merchandise after hearing from customers that “it’s ‘games’ this Christmas, probably like never before.”


The company doubled the size of its popular holiday side dish, ordering four-pound servings of mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, up from two pounds in previous years, company officials said. told CNBC.

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And after prioritizing smaller turkeys last year, Sam’s Club is stocking up on more hefty turkeys—to the tune of about 18 pounds or more—this time, with the thought that people will be traveling with family for the holidays because Vaccination has reduced the risk of COVID-19.

Sam’s Club didn’t mention the lack of a global supply chain, which experts say could lead to major delivery delays and shortages of everything from toys to turkeys.

But the company said it was launching its holiday shopping program earlier this year to “give its members a jumpstart on savings,” a move that could help the company increase the demand it supplies. Will extend the series further.

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It also announced on Friday that it is launching a direct-to-home wine delivery business in 16 states, fueling the e-commerce movement during the pandemic.

Members-only warehouse chains such as Sam’s Club and its rival Costco have been major winners of the pandemic, with Sam’s Club saying Friday that “memberships have reached record levels.”

Sam’s Club is hoping to continue that momentum as more and more people are vaccinated and the risk of the pandemic subsides, allowing people to more comfortably leave their homes again.

Christmas tree must be ordered now because there is a shortage in the market

Last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended people avoid holiday gatherings as the pandemic escalated, leading to a massive surge in hospitalizations across the country.

The agency has yet to explicitly say which way it is leaning this time, though Dr. Anthony Fauci took heat last week to say it was “too soon” to tell whether The COVID-19 pandemic will disrupt this year’s holiday gatherings.

At the same time, the CDC published guidelines on what people should consider if they decide to gather.

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