Ruthless podcast sounds alarm: Facebook whistleblower is ‘Trojan horse’ for Dems, media to censor the right


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Co-host Josh Holmes slams Senate Republicans for adopting Frances Haugen as ‘good faith actor’

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host of orthodox “ruthless” The podcast raised the alarm on a Facebook whistleblower who testified on Capitol Hill, warning that Democrats and the corporate media are using him as a launching pad to censor political speech.

Josh Holmes kicked off the discussion by tackling the narrative that Frances Haugen, Facebook’s former Citizens project manager, who testified before the Senate Commerce Committee this week, was some kind of “hero” for speaking out against Facebook’s alleged wrongdoings. Is.


“First of all, he’s a leftist activist. … Long, long record of activism, not contributing like establishment Democrats, we’re talking like movement progressives, right?” Holmes began with Thursday’s podcast. “But it’s all coached by a guy she hired named Bill Burton.”

Greenwald: Facebook whistleblower being embraced by liberals intent on controlling political discourse

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Holmes said Burton was a former press aide in the Obama administration and is a board member for the Center for Human Technology, a group that Holmes claims was aimed at “subscribing to content policies favoring corporate media over individual voices or alternative media.” have to change.”

“They hate things like ‘Ruthless.’ …. What they want is basically to make The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC the only providers of information in this country,” Holmes said .

Co-host Comfortable Smug shouted “It’s all interconnected” as well as silencing Big Tech’s conservative voices in the name of stopping the spread of “disruptive”.

Another host Michael Duncan said, “They don’t provide any information about the propaganda.”

Holmes said Burton also served as a campaign advisor for Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Min., who sits on the Senate committee that invited Haughan to testify.

“Weird how this works,” Smaug and Duncan reacted together, Duncan said, “and then all of a sudden, this whistleblower has a new Twitter account that gets verified just before he leaves and Capital testifies on the Hill.”

Holmes then rebuked Senate Republicans at Tuesday’s hearing, saying, “He did a terrible job.”

Holmes said, “They took this woman as if she were a credible actor and allowed her to spread unquestionably, fundamentally misinformation, which would be entirely necessary to purge any information in this country.” designed to shut down conservative voices.”

Duncan replied, “This whole whistleblower process is a Trojan horse to silence conservative voices. And it is the media in the Democratic dark money universe that is underlying all of this because they know two things.” “Number 1, conservatives do better online, don’t they? The Big Three broadcast channels, cable news, the corporate media they control can tear us apart and set the narrative. Our only way to break that narrative is with the internet, right and so if they can try to Trojan horse this whistleblower in the United States Senate and convince these Republican senators, ‘Oh, really, Facebook has a problem,’ then They’re supposed to make us do our work for them.”

Whistleblower says Facebook is a US ‘national security issue’

Smaug insists that “it’s about business,” pointing out how so-called “disinformation” journalists attempt to quell outrage over how the top 10 most-viewed Facebook posts are often dominated by conservatives. There are.

“All left-wing corporate media is basically like, ‘Oh, conservatives are getting the most viewed posts. We should attack Facebook. Make sure they don’t get heard,’” Smaug said.

Duncan declared, “These people are the most undemocratic people in our politics.”

“And that’s why I was so upset about what Senate Republicans did at this hearing yesterday, because first of all, if you ever have a Congressional hearing where ’60 Minutes’ is previewed before Sunday So grab your wallet,” said Holmes. “Hold your wallet because whatever it is, it’s completely designed by a left-wing ecosystem and a corporate media to attempt to purge your sense of misinformation about what’s to come.”

Holmes railed against Hogen for attempting to shut down Facebook’s own election integrity split following the January 6 riots following the 2020 presidential election, saying “that’s the whole structure of why he’s in this discussion now.”

“She says all these things about Instagram and child safety and research issues, but it’s worth noting that she never worked on Instagram or Facebook on any of these issues,” Holmes said.

Duncan said he welcomed the “national discussion” about the impact of technology and social media on children, but called what was happening “sleight of hand”.

The hosts slammed the media and Big Tech for spreading genuine misinformation, like whiplash being pushed to the southern border last month.

“I’m tired of it. I’m tired of it,” said Holmes. “We need to wake up the senators and congressmen on Capitol Hill because the Left is trying to literally shut down the microphones for every conservative outlet in America. And if you don’t start to understand it, and if you don’t start Pushing back and committing some offense, let alone good defense, we are in for a world of trouble.”

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