‘Rust’ movie shooting: What Alec Baldwin the producer is liable for


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Cinematographer Helena Hutchins was shot dead on the film’s New Mexico set

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alec baldwin accidentally shot and killed cinematographer helena hutchins On the sets of the film he is producing is said to be “War.” Director Joel Souza was also injured but is recovering.

as an actor pulled the trigger of the gun While filming a scene at Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she Shocked by the tragic accident and is cooperating with the police, but as one of the film’s top producers, he faces serious insurance liability.


His production company, El Dorado Pictures, “develops scripted and unscripted projects” and was producing an upcoming western film.

Alec Baldwin Wasn’t Asked To Stop During ‘Rust’ Investigation In New Mexico: Police

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Granthshala Business spoke out with personal injury Lawyer Krista Rami (who is not working on the case) about the incident. “You will sue Alec Baldwin’s production company and its insurance company will defend. Alec Baldwin, the actor, will not be personally responsible for anything,” she said.

“Baldwin and his production company will be prosecuted for wrongful death, loss of life for the cinematographer, and personal injury for the director who was injured. Audiences generally don’t have bystander claims. You are physically injured.” Has to be. Receive a claim for emotional distress, which would include PTSD,” Rami explained.

She clarified, “You must have been physically injured or have a close family relationship with the injured person. So it is true that [the extras and crew] Have suffered PTSD. Workers’ compensation claims may be available to them under New Mexico law but not under civil liability.”

Alec Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ is being shot independently by Gloria Ald

Remy stated that as one of the film’s producers, Baldwin was “acting as an employer” and could be held responsible for the alleged unsafe working conditions at “Rust” that led to the fatal shooting.

“Should these security complaints have made their way up the food chain as Alec Baldwin could then potentially be criminally responsible,” she said.

It will be Baldwin’s responsibility to address and resolve alleged complaints and to make corrections to the cast and draw. “is the standard known or should have been known in that respect. So you should have [as the producer] Policies that are in place where that information reaches the right person. So it gets fixed, period,” Ramey said.

Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ Shooting Could Have Been Avoided ‘If He Had Done Proper Security Checks’: Prop Master

personal injury lawyer miguel custodio Not working on the case, he told Granthshala Business, “It really comes down to civil liability. And that’s where Alec Baldwin faces a lot of responsibility, not just as an actor, but as a producer.”

“There’s just a lot of information coming out alleging that the set was in chaos, that there were too many crew members leaving because of poor working conditions and poor pay. And there are questions about both. How experienced was Armour. There’s also the assistant director, Dave Hall. He was fired on a film back in 2019 over security concerns. So, the question that arises is, what kind of hiring decisions did the filmmakers make? I know That it was a low budget film, and when it is a low budget film, companies will try to cut corners. Safety is never an area where people should cut corners.”

Alec Baldwin, ‘Rust’ crew members may have suffered accidental shootings: Legal experts involved

Custodio said a future lost earnings claim would also be filed for Hutchins and Souza.We bring in economists to determine the future lost earnings of a particular individual,” he explained.

And while insurance companies have not been quick to write settlement checks, “the evidence is certainly mounting.”

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