‘Rust’ movie head electrician says he was ‘holding’ Halyna Hutchins in his ‘arms while she was dying’


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The cinematographer died on Thursday after being shot by a prop gun on the sets

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Serge Svetnoy, head electrician/gaffer for the film “Rust”, wrote an emotional post on social media about the death of cinematographer Halyana Hutchins after shooting a prop gun on set.

Feather Facebook Sunday, Swetnoy blamed Hutchins’ death “the person who was supposed to check the weapon on site did not do so; the person who was supposed to announce that the loaded gun was on site did not; the person who had Should have not checked this weapon before bringing it on the set.”


He claimed that his death resulted from both “negligence and unprofessionalism”.

“To save a penny sometimes you hire people who are not fully qualified for a complicated and dangerous job, and you risk the lives of other people who are close to you and yours too. ”, wrote Svetnoy. “I understand you always fight for the budget, but you can’t let that happen.”

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“It’s true that the cost of pros can be a bit high and sometimes a little more demanding, but it’s worth it. Any money left over is not worth a person’s life!” He continued.

In his post, Swetnoy confirmed that he was standing next to Hutchins when he was shot and died on the set of the New Mexico film.

“Yeah, I stood shoulder to shoulder with Halina during this fatal shot that took her life and injured director Joel Souza,” Svetnoy recalled. “I held her in my arms while she was dying. Her blood was on my hands.”

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He continued: “I’m sure we had professionals in every department, but one – the department that was responsible for weapons. A twenty-four-year-old woman can’t be a professional with an armory; there’s no way that school, Friends of the neighborhood, Instagram, or God’s more or less the same age can be professionals in this field.”

“Professionals are people who have spent years on set, people who know this job from A to Z; these are people who have security on set at a level of reflexes; they don’t need to be asked to put on sandbags. Tripod, fix the ladder on the stage, or lock up the explosion site. They have it in their blood,” he wrote.

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Svetnoy then directly mentions the producers of the film. “I understand that you always fight for budget, but you cannot let that happen. There should be at least one professional in every department who knows the job. It is absolutely necessary to avoid such tragedy, like tragedy Halina, ” They said.

Baldwin has since spoken out about the incident, calling it a 'tragic accident' and praising Hutchins as a 'deeply admired colleague'.

Finally, Swetnoy mentions actor Alec Baldwin, who was handed a gun on set and dropped the weapon, killing Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza, who is currently recovering.

“I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through, what did her husband @MattHutchins and her son Andross, and actor Alec Baldwin, who was handed a gun on set, have to live with the idea that He took human life because of unprofessional people.”

Granthshala News confirmed Monday that production on “Rust” has been suspended until the investigation ends.

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