Rough seas knock 40 shipping containers off cargo ship


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Till Friday night, only 35 out of 40 containers were detected.

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Forty shipping containers fell overboard Washington Coast on Friday due to rough seas.

The US Coast Guard Pacific Northwest received a report of lost cargo from Jim Kingston at midnight on Thursday, and helicopters were dispatched to the scene the next morning. An initial sweep located in eight containers.


As of Friday evening, the Coast Guard had located 35 containers around the Juan de Fuca Strait.

The US Navigation Center on Friday issued a warning for any boat in the area to proceed with extreme caution, as some containers may not be visible.

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“The two containers have been identified as carrying spontaneously combustible material,” said Petty Officer Three Class Diolanda Caballeros. The materials in question include flammable metals and compounds that burn quickly and are difficult to extinguish with water. “They are currently drifting north, but we cannot predict which way they will go due to the heavy weather.”

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The cause of the incident is not yet known, but officials said the container fell off the ship as it was listed on one side.

The fire broke out the next morning amid “damaged containers” on Saturday morning, Vancouver Sun. informed of.

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The ship was on its way to Canada, and it reached Vancouver after the incident.

Bad weather has moved into Washington over the weekend, bringing rain and strong winds.

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The strongest weather is likely on Sunday with wind, rain and possibly thunderstorms. CBS 8 informed of.

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