‘RHOC’ alum Vicki Gunvalson accuses ex-fiancé of cheating: ‘No Christian man would do what he’s done’


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The two announced their split in 2020 after Steve Lodge ran for governor of California

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Former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Vicki Gunvalson has made a shocking allegation.

The star, 59, split from her fiancée Steve Lodge in September 2020, and now it seems the situation is more dire than it was before.


On Friday, Gunvalson’s friend and co-star Tamra Judge shared a message of support for her friend on Instagram, encouraging Gunvalson to “whoop it up” because “no one deserves it. Specifically.” You allegedly found out last night!”

“You’re beautiful, you’re strong, you’re smart! Don’t let anyone tell you anything different (I’ll be screening everyone who wants to date Ms. Gunvalson in the future)” the judge continued. “New show idea: ‘Filling Vicky’s love tank’ as we drive through different cities in the family van in search of Mr. Right – Whooping It.”

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‘Real Housewives’ star Vicki Gunvalson’s fiancee announces race for governor of California

Gunvalson then thanked his friend in the comments section for not only explaining what happened, but first admitting that his “picker is clearly off” when it comes to finding men.

“He used me, he lied to me, he’s dating a 36-year-old and that’s not what he portrays to be himself,” claimed Gunvalson, according to TooFab. “No Christian man will do what he has done.”

The judge involved in the charges, add: “Running for governor while sleeping on his bed, using his followers.”

‘Real Housewives’ star Vicki Gunvalson shares why her fiancé Steve Lodge should be governor of California

Lodge ran for governor of California earlier this year when Gavin Newsom’s term was threatened by a recall vote. The standing politician easily smashed his competition, including the 63-year-old Lodge.

Gunvalson claimed that while she was in business, her ex-fiancé brought his girlfriend to the reality star’s condo in Mexico.

“He’s roaming my town [Orange County] Going out in public places,” she continued. “It’s disgusting.”

Another fan asked if Lodge was cheating, and Gunvalson simply said, “Yes,” and suggested that fans unfollowed him.

Lodge, however, pushed back against the allegations, giving a statement to TooFab.

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“Vicky and I ended our engagement and relationship in December of 2020. I did it personally orally and explained it to him in writing,” he said. “We haven’t been in an intimate relationship since September of 2020. I’ve been living in my own condo in Puerto Vallarta, not hers, since early 2021. We remained friends, but it was clear to me that Vicki was still was waiting [for] More, what I told him was not possible.”

Vicki Gunvalson starred in 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' from 2006-2019.

The former gubernatorial candidate said: “I wanted to move on with my life and I couldn’t do that with Vicki. I’m sorry Vicki can’t [accept] This, but it was time.”

He continued to describe the fraud allegations as “absolute lies,” “very depressing and fraudulent.”

“But I can’t say I’m surprised. He shouldn’t drag Tamra or anyone else into his lies,” he concluded. “That being said, I still wish him all the best.”

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