Rep. Van Drew slams Biden’s ‘bizarre’ America: ‘I literally feel like I’m in ‘The Matrix’’


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New Jersey Congressman Says United States Has ‘Edge’ Under Biden Presidency

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Rep. Jeff Van Drew, RNJ, joined “Morning with Maria,” Tuesday, suggesting that Biden’s “bizarre” policies are making him ‘worry’ about our country, arguing that “We’re on edge, and we’ve got to come back.” Van Drew made these remarks ahead of the President’s address to the United Nations amid foreign policy issues.

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Representative Jeff Van Drew: If I don’t know better, this administration, I would really believe, is almost deliberately trying to destroy the United States. I’ve never seen anything like this, and for us to go to the United Nations and tell them what they should be doing or what we’re doing, I don’t know. What is he going to talk about? Since he is president, open borders and our complete lack of control over our borders?

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Is he going to talk about the tremendous increase in crime rates in our cities since he became president? Is he going to talk about the supply chain problems that we have, the employment problems we have, and the shortage of staff? Is he going to talk about what he has done with his energy policy, where he has helped other countries but is literally undermining our country?

Let me be clear You know, we should come together and work with other nations. But the United States is our responsibility as elected officials. It is by far the greatest country in the world, and to think that we are allowing Russia to build pipelines, but we are not, that we are allowing other countries to build coal plants, China, India , and we are falling back again, mind boggling in energy and production. I really feel like I’m living in ‘The Matrix’. If you remember that movie with Keanu Reeves from years ago, it’s pretty quirky and it just keeps getting worse. Maria, I really care about our country. We are on the edge and we have to come back.

Watch the full interview below:

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