Rep. Jordan slams Biden for misleading Americans by covering up crises, ‘mess’ with more spending


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His remarks come after Dems requested $105B for immigrant amnesty

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Representative Jim Jordan, R-Ohio criticized the Biden administration for its handling of multiple crises and created a “mess” before criticizing Democrats for requesting more government aid to fix those crises, especially those to fix crises border apology, “Warney & Company” Thursday.

DEM scheme may raise combined rates by over 60% for taxpayers


Rep Jim Jordan: If this reporting is correct, General Milley went to our Commander in Chief when he was President Trump, and if he actually said to the Chinese, ‘Hey, if we’re going to do something, we’re going to give you one. Heads up, ‘I mean, this is so unconstitutional, so wrong. And then you combine it with Fauci’s full handling of [COVID]It’s messed up…

These people have done all kinds of wrong things. And, of course, President Biden continues to seek his advice.

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And what’s the Democrats’ response to a $3.5 trillion bill with tax increases in it? What is their reaction? To grant amnesty to 8 million illegal immigrants. that is [infrastructure] does the bill.

Watch full interview below

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