Rep. Brady slams for creating an ‘economic and political crisis’ with excess spending


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Brady warned that the reconciliation bill would impose disastrous tax increases on low- and middle-income Americans.

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Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, argued on Granthshala News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” that Democrats are creating an “economic and political crisis” as he discussed government spending.

He argued that Democrats are trying to “ram through” trillions of dollars worth of “poor tax hikes” and “welfare state expansion”, noting that they have “failed to keep the government open.” have failed to provide disaster relief, “and certainly haven’t raised debt limits for Louisiana and several other states.”


The ranking member of the House Ways and Means Committee told host Maria Barritromo that she believes Democrats are “more interested in playing the political game with the debt limit” than in actually passing it and raising it.

The Senate is expected to vote on Monday on a bill passed by the House that will keep the government funded and raise $28 trillion in early December debt ceiling.

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But the bill is almost certainly doomed in the upper house, where four Republican senators have pledged to vote against it because of the debt limit involved. Democrats would need to secure the support of at least 10 GOP lawmakers to ward off a filibuster.

What will happen next is not clear. Without a short-term spending bill, the government is set to shut down next week. At the same time, the federal government will run out of cash to pay its bills sometime in October unless the loan limit is extended or suspended, according to multiple warnings from the Treasury Secretary. Janet Yellen.

Democrats have said the shutdown is not an option under their watch and vowed to do whatever it takes to keep the government open. This may force the party to separate the loan limit from the short-term spending bill.

Brady argued Sunday that Democrats knew “this debt limit was coming for two years”. [and] They’ve never passed a budget, haven’t had a single discussion with Republicans about how we deal with our financial future as a country, and they have the ability to pass this debt limit on their own.”

“The question is: will they do it? I guess, only if they are compelled,” he continued.

Brady also warned on Sunday that the reconciliation bill would impose disastrous do Grows on low- and middle-income Americans.

DEMS Reconciliation Bill Has $6B Transportation ‘Slush Fund’ That GOP Aide Warns Could Fund Backdoor Earmarks

Brady made the remarks the same day House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said House Democrats would pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill this week and come to an agreement on his $3.5 trillion reconciliation package, despite the vast differences between moderates and progressives.

The Speaker of the House also said on ABC’s “This Week” that Democrats “absolutely” need to come to an agreement on a reconciliation package before the infrastructure bill can be passed. It was a signal to progressives in the House, who say several dozen of their members will vote against the infrastructure bill without assurances of reconciliation.

Pelosi said in a letter to House Democrats on Saturday that she plans to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill and reconciliation bill by Thursday. This together gives him some faltering over the vote for the infrastructure bill, which was originally planned for Monday but could slip for a few days, and gives Democrats little margin for error on the reconciliation bill. .

The House Budget Committee approved the text of the reconciliation bill with a Democratic “no” vote in a rare Saturday meeting, but the bill could change significantly with a widening gap between the party’s progressives and moderates.

Pelosi’s strategy of moving the reconciliation bill so quickly appears to be part of an effort to get progressives on board with the infrastructure bill, which they say they will not vote for unless they are assured that reconciliation The bill will be passed.

It is unclear whether the gamble will work, but moderates have expressed confidence that he will be able to whip together enough votes to pass the infrastructure bill.

On Sunday, Brady discussed the expected tax increase in the reconciliation bill, saying he “never sees Washington spending so much to kill so many American jobs, drive prices even higher, and expand the welfare state.” is,” calling it “the greatest expansion in our lifetime.”

Brady continued, “It’s an economic surrender to China, Russia and Europe, saddled with some of the highest tax rates in the world for American businesses, which will drive and kill, we think, about 3 million jobs,” Brady continued. continued, noting that many of those jobs would be conducted overseas and would “make it easier to be a foreign company or employee than a US company or employee.”

He also warned that small businesses would face “disastrous tax hikes” that are struggling “to get out of this pandemic economy and get Americans back to work”.

Brady argued that “this breaks President Biden’s pledge not to raise taxes on low- and middle-income families.”

President Biden repeatedly pledged during the 2020 campaign that he would not raise taxes for Americans earning less than $400,000, but a analysis shows That around 60% of taxpayers will pay more under its proposals.

test result The Tax Policy Center, a Washington-based nonpartisan think tank, suggests that most of Biden’s proposed tax increase would be paid for by those who make more than $800,000 a year, a small burden also imposed by some middle-income households. Will be borne.

Three-quarters of households earning between $75,000 and $100,000 annually will face paying an additional $440 per year in taxes under Biden’s tax hike. statistics.

Granthshala News’ Tyler Olson, Chad Pergram, and Granthshala Business’ Megan Heaney contributed to this report.

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