Ree Drummond describes ‘rock bottom’ moment that kickstarted weight loss journey


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‘Pioneer Woman’ reveals she’s lost almost 60 pounds since January

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Food Network star Ree Drummond is opening up about her dramatic weight loss and the moment she hit “rock bottom,” starting her fitness journey.

The “Pioneer Woman” is known for her successful cooking shows and food blogs and has turned her love of food and desserts into an empire in her home state of Oklahoma, where she and husband, Ladd Drummond, live on a farm. Huh.


The TV host said she hit “rock bottom” earlier this year after dropping her son Bryce off college one night.

“I have a cooking show, I write cookbooks, I have a cooking website. I have a restaurant, a bakery. So you know, it just kept creeping up and in January of this year, we’re going to have our son, Bryce. Took off to college. And I tell this story, but I basically hit rock bottom one night by eating chips and salsa. I went overboard a little, but I thought that night, ‘I’m going to start tomorrow, I’ll have some I am separating. And I just started and I’ve lost about 60 pounds now,” she said in an interview. entertainment tonight.

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‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Reveals How She Lost 43 Pounds in 5 Months: ‘I Was Exhausted, Bloated and Desperate’

Drummond said she “never” had a goal in mind when it came to losing pounds. Instead, she just focused on wanting to feel better — and she confirms that she certainly does.

“I feel great and that’s what counts. The scale was like a gauge to me that I was headed in the right direction. And it was never that I had to lose this amount, that’s really how I felt.” ,” she shared.

“I feel great, I have it, I feel strong. Even when I was skinny, I don’t think I’ve ever been a squatter or a lunge before. Not since my ballet days So it’s really cool to feel good muscles that I thought were gone forever.”

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Drummond, who owns an ice cream shop, pizzeria, restaurant and an inn in Pawuska, Okla., said the weight loss journey can transform a person’s day-to-day routine.

“It changes your whole outlook on just having an exercise routine in your day and, you know, I still eat the foods I cook my family. I still eat cake. I’m Texas I eat a Rhode Island-sized piece instead of a Rhode Island-sized piece,” she said.

Tastemaker also landed his first acting role. She will star in Discovery+’s first original film, “Candy Coated Christmas.”

Drummond said, “I’m not an actor, I’m the host of a cooking show, but when Food Network asked if I wanted to participate in their first Christmas movie, I thought I said yes for like two seconds. Gave.” “And even though I knew I couldn’t act, and I knew I had no experience, I just thought, ‘How can you say no to that?’ I mean, Christmas movies are such a part of the tradition and I have friends who are so obsessed with them, so I said yes and then I thought, ‘What in the world have I done?’”

In June, Drummond revealed that she had already lost 43 pounds. Before making her lifestyle changes at the beginning of the year, she revealed that she had previously tried several things, such as intermittent fasting, personal trainers, fad diets and weight loss programs. However, neither of those methods was right for him.

Of fasting, she said, “I’ve tried it before, and it made me gulp during my dinner window.” “Since calories matter, it didn’t work for me.”

Drummond said she decided to keep it simple and, instead, focused on eating fewer calories per day and relying on portion control. Drummond notes that using an online calorie counter made it easier to maintain her goals. Using a digital food scale—as opposed to just a measuring cup—was also helpful in making sure it was “as accurate as possible to the calories I was eating.”

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“Counting my calories was nothing short of eye-opening, and it was a must for me,” the Food Network personality said. “I had completely lost track of the calories I consumed on a daily basis, so it was very helpful to get a handle on what I was seeing. I could tell if it was working if I had time.” and naturally adjusted up or down as I went.”

In addition, she “makes exercise a regular part of my day, whether I walk the dogs or the rowing machine.”

Granthshala News’ Stephanie Nolasco contributed to this report.

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