Ray Liotta reveals why Frank Sinatra’s daughters mailed him a horse head


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The children of the actor and the singer did not see face to face on a TV project

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Ray Liotta once got a very subtle message from Frank Sinatra’s daughters after a project didn’t work out.

The actor recalled how Nancy and Tina Sinatra once sent him a horse head while playing the late singer on HBO’s “The Rat Pack.”


Liotta said in a recent episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage” that Nancy and Tina were developing their own TV miniseries about their father, at the same time that Liotta was making “Rat Pack” in the late ’90s.

“Daughters, they wanted me to do a mini-series when they were doing a miniseries about it and I just felt so uncomfortable,” he said, playing “Ol’ Blue Eyes” in two separate projects. told about.

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After choosing the HBO film, Liotta confessed, “We were filming and I was given the head of a horse… Obviously, it wasn’t real, but it was the head of a horse. And, you know, of a horse. Head means you’re toast.

The head is a nod to the famous scene in “The Godfather” when Luca Brassi (Lenny Montana) beheads Jack Woltz’s (John Marley) prized racehorse and the film after not casting Johnny Fontaine (Al Martino, rumour). The producer put the bloody head in the bed. To be inspired by Sinatra) in a movie. Fontaine later got the part and the gesture continues to serve as a violent warning in pop culture history.

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“It turns out their daughters sent it over and said, ‘Oh, you could do this, but you couldn’t do what we wanted?’” he alleged.

Frank Sinatra performs on the television special Francis Albert Sinatra Do His Thing on August 15, 1968.

The Nancy and Tina miniseries never went into production and instead, they made a documentary about their father, “Sinatra: All or Nothing at All.”

“The Rat Pack” won three Emmy Awards.

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