R. Kelly’s former assistant describes what she witnessed working in his homes, denies women were held captive


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R&B artist’s sex trafficking trial likely to end Friday

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R. Kelly’s former assistant is talking about what she saw inside the R&B artist’s homes as her sex trafficking trial in New York draws to a close.

Diana Copeland was Kelly’s executive assistant for 16 years. but speaking”good Morning AmericaOn Friday, Copeland described the personality of the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer and the things she has seen within her properties, where she has been accused of grooming and sexually abusing young victims.


“He’s charismatic and I think that’s one of the reasons people say he has two personalities. When you meet him, he’s really one person. If you look at him angry, he’s totally different person,” Copeland said.

She confirmed that Kelly had a “live-in girlfriend” and spoke about some of the expectations she had for him and the guests.

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Prosecutors play R. Kelly tapes in court as government case declines

“He would have had live-in girlfriends. He had his own rooms. Guests would just come and probably sit in the studio with him. He had three properties. Those properties had a certain decor that was expected. He didn’t do much, not just girls. Rather he did not want anyone to be able to walk around his house like a museum.

Many times Copeland would accompany the girls on shopping trips. She confirmed that she noticed his hesitation in talking to the male employees.

“He asked me during the trial ‘Did you see his reaction with the men?’ And I did. They didn’t want to talk to men. In fact, sometimes they asked me to talk to men,” Copeland said.

She said she “can’t talk” about whether Kelly set a rule for women to avoid other men in public “because I don’t know if they were told.”

“But I would say you can pretty much guess that was the case,” she said.

Copeland was also asked about a girlfriend who once refused to use the bathroom because she didn’t have permission from Kelly. Copeland said he was unaware whether this meant the woman was afraid of him.

“There are certain rules that are made for safety because when he exits the vehicle he is very recognizable. So now whoever gets out of that vehicle has a spotlight, a target, on that person, Copeland said.

R. Scene from the third week of Kelly’s sex-trafficking trial

When asked whether any of these actions by Kelly’s girlfriends “raised an alarm” for Copeland, the former assistant said she knew the musician as “a family man, a businessman”.

“But his personal life is Robert’s personal life so my job stopped on the threshold of his bedroom door,” she said.

Copeland went on to say that she did not see anyone in captivity for several days and that Kelly’s aides included “no one under the age of 18”.

“In fact, when this case came up, I’ve been reading that women are locked up and kidnapped and that’s not what I’m looking for. I don’t see anyone who leaves. trying or shut any door. Every woman who is left has walked out the door,” she said.

A civil suit against Kelly in which Copeland is named is still in court. It claims that Copeland was standing outside the door when he was in a bedroom with the accused. She and Kelly have denied the claims.

Copeland said Kelly needs no help when it comes to finding women.

“He always had women coming to him… He never asked me, but all I was saying at the time was R. Kelly. He was a mega superstar. He absolutely had to recruit women or bring in women. Didn’t need help.”

Looking back at her job in the 16 years she worked for Kelly, Copeland says she wouldn’t have done things differently.

“I don’t think anything I did was wrong and I also don’t think anything I could have done was done by Robert. I can only change Diana.”

On Wednesday, prosecutors ran the recordings for a New York City jury they say the singer mistreated women and girls.

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Prosecutor, nearing the end of his case sex trafficking testing, ran the recording Wednesday for a New York City jury they say supported the singer’s allegations of mistreatment of women and girls.

Kelly, 54, has repeatedly denied allegations that behind the scenes of a 30-year career he was a sexual predator who groomed and sexually abused his young victims. His lawyers portray the accusers as groups trying to take advantage of his fame.

The hearing will resume on Friday, when the government is likely to rest its case. Kelly’s lawyers have indicated they will hold a defense that begins Monday.

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