Queen Elizabeth II is not too ‘keen’ on the idea of turning Buckingham Palace into a museum: report


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Prince Charles reportedly wants to turn the palace into a museum and reduce the monarchy to include only seven major figures.

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Prince Charles is planning some major shakeups should he ever inherit the throne, including turning the monarchy into seven major figures and turning Buckingham Palace into a museum – something that his mother, the Queen, strongly opposes. is called from.

A royal source told Mirror The museum plans “not to happen any time soon” while His Majesty reigns.


The palace is where the queen raised her four children and presided during her decades on the throne. She opened it to the public in 1993, allowing visitors to tour select parts of the 775-room palace, but not the family apartments.

“She isn’t too keen on that particular idea and definitely believes it should remain a family home,” the source added.

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Queen Elizabeth II enters new phase of reign after Prince Philip’s death amid criticism of monarchy

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“Her Majesty the Queen will travel between Windsor Castle, which she considers her main London base, and spend two to four days a week at the renovated Buckingham Palace,” the source told the news outlet. “So for now, whatever you’re reading, it doesn’t look like Prince Charles will get his way anytime soon.”

One of the reasons we offloaded the Charles Mega-Home is the cost, which is millions to maintain. It was last restored in WWII, and with a $500 million renovation approved in 2016, it won’t be ready until 2027.

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