Psaki says Biden’s lagging poll numbers on COVID-19 mainly due to frustrations, not president’s job


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Saki said he believes the elections are ‘more a reflection of people getting sick and tired of COVID’

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday that when it comes to President Biden’s handling of the COVID-19 outbreak, he is the result of Americans becoming frustrated with the virus, not the president’s handling of the pandemic. The work done in navigating. .

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The specific survey was not mentioned. Earlier this week, an Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus Index poll showed that 53% of Americans say they have little or no trust in Biden when it comes to COVID.

Saki said he believes the elections are “more a reflection of people getting sick and tired of COVID.”

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She said some people who have been vaccinated are disappointed that others refuse to take the jab, and blamed the “rise of the delta” (variant) for America’s return to normalcy.

“After all, and as the president has said many times, the buck stops with him,” she said. “The way to solve this is to continue to vaccinate as many people as possible and get people’s lives back to normal.”

No global leader has been politically untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries such as France and Denmark have seen violent protests over the lockdown and some Trump supporters believe the former president would have extended 2020 had it not been for the virus.

Axios told That poll points to “fear malaise over fear” among Americans, but that “malaise could spell real trouble for a Democratic president who built his support on a pledge to get the nation out of crisis — and whose party’s A bare House and Senate majority are on the line in 2022.”

The report pointed out that at the end of January, 58% of Americans trusted the president with the virus.

Cliff Young, president of Ipsos US Public Affairs, told the news outlet that Biden had won over COVID and had “the first six months” on the virus.

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“But now they are being challenged by it as there is no clear resolution in sight,” he said.

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