Psaki cracks joke in response to supply chain crisis question: ‘The tragedy of the treadmill that’s delayed’


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White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday made a joke about the supply chain crisis affecting businesses and consumers across the country, saying it’s a “tragedy” that has some people coming off their treadmills. You may have to wait a long time.

“The tragedy of the treadmill being delayed,” Saki sighed during his daily press briefing.


Record backlog of ships at California ports amid supply chain crisis

Saki was asked to address supply chain disruptions across the country, which have left store shelves ahead of the crucial holiday shopping season. A reporter asked why President Biden did not act quickly to address the crisis and whether his administration had failed to anticipate the issue.

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“Well, that’s not really true,” replied Saki. “The President set up a task force at the very beginning of the administration.

“And what we know from global supply chain issues is that they are multifaceted,” she continued. “Right now, we’re focusing on ports and port issues, and the leaders at these ports will tell you they’ve seen a dramatic increase in volume relative to last year — 20%, 30% volume growth.”

Saki said part of the administration’s work to address the supply chain is to make available COVID-19 vaccines to countries where manufacturing sites have been closed because of the pandemic. He also said the administration is working with state DMVs to expedite commercial driver’s license approvals to bring more truck drivers on the road, as well as “to help address the labor shortage.” To work with unions.

“So I think the important thing to understand here is that there are a number of issues that are affecting the supply chain,” she said. “And some of that is that as the economy has turned back, more people have disposable income, wages to buy more stuff, more people are buying more stuff. People have done more things online than they go in stores. Started buying.”

Conservatives criticized Saki for the treadmill comment. This comes just days after White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein confronted Feedback To enthusiastically agree with the tweet describing the supply chain crisis as “the problems of the upper class”.

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