Prosper cheerleader damages spinal cord in tumbling accident


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The Prosper community is rallying around a cheerleader who was seriously injured in a falling accident.


Family friends say the prognosis for 16-year-old Makayla Noble is not good, but they are praying for a miracle.

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“Mac is such a bright light, he is such a lover and giver,” said Tiffany Smith, a family friend.

Noble had a strange tumbling accident on Monday night, which damaged his spinal cord.

“Medically speaking, her prognosis is not what we would expect, her report is not what we want her to be. But Makayla loves Jesus and she serves a greater God. And we totally believing that a miracle is going to happen to him,” Smith said.

Makayla has been enthusiastic about training for most of her life and several days a week, Smith said.

“Makayla is a world-class athlete. She’s coached by Best Cheer Athletics. It was a freak accident in someone’s backyard. It wasn’t a cheer exercise. It wasn’t on the mat with a coach,” Smith said.

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Kishor has already undergone at least one surgery in Medical City Plano. But according to her family, as of now medically, her chances of walking again are slim. The family has asked for pain management and prayers for movement in his fingers and hands.

Smith said, “One of the last things she said to her mother before she went into surgery was, God has a plan. And we totally believe in that. We trust that, Smith said.

The forecast is still early. But for now, Makayla is expected to remain in hospital until at least next week and will undergo a lengthy rehab plan after that.

“It looks like there’s probably a 12 to 18 month plan in terms of rehab and recovery,” Smith said.

But the support for the aristocratic family from the affluent ISD and cheering community has been remarkable. Online fundraising generated over $50,000 in income for family expenses in less than 24 hours.

Wednesday night’s homecoming parade and cheer rally will feature a show of support for Makayla and her family, and supporters will be asked to wear purple for Makayla at a football game on Friday.

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