Pregnant man and gender neutral pregnant person approved for smartphone use: report


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Emoji will be available early this year

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Two controversial new emoji, including a pregnant man, have been approved for use on smartphones around the world.

Two emoji, a pregnant man and a gender-neutral pregnant man, were approved by the Unicode Consortium and will be included in the next emoji release, According to Daily Mail.


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“Pregnant men and pregnant persons recognize that ‘pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people,’ Emojipedia, a voting member of the Unicode Consortium that approves all emoji used in smartphones, called the move. said about.

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Emojipedia’s ‘senior emoji lexicographer’ Jen Solomon wrote about the new emoji in one go blog post With the title ‘Why is there a pregnant male emoji?’.

Naming traditions aside, men may be pregnant,” wrote Solomon. “This applies to the real world (eg, trans men) and fictional universes (for example, in Arnold Schwarzenegger Junior And Lil Nas X promotional material for their album ‘Montero.’) People of any gender can get pregnant too. Now there are emoji to represent it.”

There’s no official release date for version 14.0 yet, but emojis are expected to be available on smartphones by June 2022, and some will see them on their phones later this year.

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