Politico confirmation of Hunter Biden laptop materials prompts criticism of earlier suppression of story


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Twitter banned sharing New York Post story on laptops last year

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Nearly a year after the New York Post Hunter Biden laptop story big tech companies A few weeks ahead of the 2020 presidential election, Politico reported on Tuesday that it had confirmed the content’s authenticity.

A person who had free access to Hunter Biden’s email confirmed that he had received a 2015 email from a Ukrainian businessman thanking him for giving him the opportunity to meet Joe Biden. Energy executives include the line, “Held 10 by H for the big guy?” Politico’s Ben Schrekinger reports in his new book, “The Bidens.”


“Emails issued by a Swedish government agency also matched the emails in the leaked cache, and two people who corresponded with Hunter Biden confirmed the emails from the cache were genuine,” Politico Playbook said in its tease of the book. added. “Even though the leaks contain genuine files, it is still possible that fake material may have slipped through.”

post report A media firestorm erupted on Biden’s laptop last October as it shed light on the younger Biden’s foreign trade deals in Ukraine and China and revealed how he traded on his powerful name. An email featured Hunter Biden introducing his father, now President Joe Biden, to a top executive at the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, where his son collected a sizable salary as a board member.

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Greg Gutfeld: Twitter Doesn’t Care About Spreading Misinformation If They’re Spreading It

However, liberal and mainstream media outlets immediately cast doubt on the veracity of the email, saying the laptop may not be Hunter Biden’s and may be a Russian propaganda campaign intended to influence the election of President Donald Trump. . in those outlets politician; Writer Natasha Bertrand wrote a piece titled, “Hunter Biden Story Is Russian Disinformation, Say Dozens of Former Intel Executives.” Many of the letters, which Bertrand acknowledged “presented no new evidence,” supported Biden.

Biden’s campaign denied the Post’s initial report, which Politico confirmed, that he met with a Burisma representative in 2015.

It didn’t end last year with the media trying to downplay the story. Twitter blocked the New York Post’s Twitter account and did not allow the article to be shared, saying it violated its rules on “hacked content” and Facebook also limited sharing of the piece .

Critics in the political aisle drew criticism with several comments in the Politico report on Tuesday authenticity The email was already confirmed by other outlets, as reported by the New York Post. Granthshala News reported last year that the laptop was in the hands of the FBI and confirmed by government officials that it was not a Russian operation; Hunter Biden later admitted the laptop he “could have” had.

Images of Hunter Biden’s laptop call on Joe Biden’s son refusing to talk business

“Maybe the rest of the national media shouldn’t have been quick to bury the Hunter Biden laptop story in the first place, huh?” Hotair’s Ed Morrissey wrote.

“Conservative news outlets have repeatedly confirmed that emails from Hunter’s laptop were authentic,” tweeted Chuck Ross of the Washington Free Beacon, adding that he was not to criticize Schrekinger. “It’s not a new revelation because Politico finally figured it out.”

Schrekinger called this a fair point, citing a cyber expert in his book who did not believe that “forensic analysis” by itself was sufficient to substantiate the laptop’s contents.

Big Tech’s repression of the original story was fresh in the minds of critics; Grabion founder Tom Elliott asked if Politico got the pass because “the election is now safely in the rearview mirror.”

New book hunter tracks the rift between Biden’s three laptops and flies with prostitutes

“The most amazing thing about all of this is that the NYT/CNN/NBC/HuffPost/Vox axis would spend countless hours objecting to Big Tech censorship before the election in Russia, while they themselves did the same thing in America , and will now ignore these new revelations,” tweeted journalist Glenn Greenwald.

The premise of the Hunter Biden laptop story continued to be undermined and even denied by media reports as of last week. The New York Times secretly edited a report that earlier this year called the piece “unproven” and NPR called it “discredited.”

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