Police release bodycam footage of visibly upset Gabby Petito


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Police in Utah released a body camera video of a physically disturbed Gabrielle Pettito and her boyfriend Brian Laundry on Thursday after police answered a 911 call about a possible dispute between the couple.

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Police contacted Petito, who was reported missing on September 11, in the passenger side of the white van the couple was traveling in while visiting national parks and documenting it on YouTube.


The footage was taken by the Moab Police Department on August 12.

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A witness told police that he saw Laundry, a person interested in Petitos’ disappearance, and Petitos argue over the phone. Petito then hit the laundry in the arm and attempted to climb onto the passenger side after apparently being locked.

“I was distracting him from driving, I’m sorry,” Petito said.

“I’m so sorry,” said the laundry

Petito said, “I have really bad OCD… I was apologizing. I think I had a bad mood and I said I have a lot of work to do… It’s a really tough morning.”

The officer brought Pettito to his vehicle where he told her she was sitting in the air conditioning and breathing.

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In another clip from body camera footage, the defendant talks with the officer laundry.

Laundry said, “She gets upset sometimes so I try to distance myself from her. We had a great morning.”

In the police report, Laundry was listed as the victim and Petito as the suspect, but Chief Brett Edge said there was not enough evidence to support the charges.

“Neither Brian nor Gabrielle were the reporting party,” he said. “Officers conducted an investigation and determined that there was insufficient evidence to justify criminal charges.”

The officer summarized the encounter in the report.

“The man tried to distance himself by asking Gabby for a walk to calm down,” he wrote. “She didn’t want to be separated from the man, and started slapping him. He grabbed her face and pushed her back as he put pressure on her and on the van.”

Police said that all parties agreed that Petito slapped Laundry and did not hit her, and that there was no serious injury and that neither party wanted to level charges.

Petito reportedly told officers she was suffering from severe anxiety and other medical conditions, and police classified the incident as a “mental/emotional health break” rather than a domestic assault.

Petito told police that the couple had been fighting for the past few days. They agree to separate for the night, and police help Laundry get a hotel room, while Petito takes over the van.

According to the police, the couple did not want to separate but the officers asked them to do so as no charges were filed. A responding officer considered Laundry “at low risk of danger or harm as a result of her proximity to her fiancée Gabby”.

Police in Florida, where the couple lived, were expected to hold a news conference at noon Thursday to provide an update on the investigation.

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