Philly Fed website links to pro-CRT materials, pushes video that argues ‘race-neutral policies uphold racism’


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Content promoted by Philly Fed targets Manhattan Institute senior fellow Christopher Rufo

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The Philadelphia Federal Reserve website is promoting materials that support critical race theory and opponents of the theory, as well as a video that argues against race-neutral policies.

These materials are included on the Philly Fed website: Granthshala News reported earlier this year This showed that the Federal Reserve told its employees to avoid terms such as “founding fathers” and “blacklist” because they are “biased words.” The Federal Reserve was also criticized this year for “woke mission creep” by Sen. Pat Tommy, R-Pa.


The inclusion of these materials on Philly Fed’s website also comes as ideas such as critical race theory are at the center of politically charged discussions across the country.

On its website, Philly Fed has a Page For its 2021 Reinventing Our Communities (ROC) Cohort Program, which it says is designed to help small businesses “explore structural racism that affects small businesses owned by people of color in their community.” and make a more equitable recovery plan.”

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Federal Reserve tells employees to avoid ‘biased terms’ like ‘Founding Fathers’

That page provides a link to “Race Forward: Racial Equity Tools”, which leads to a website called race forward. Among the campaigns promoted on Race Forward’s page is a “#BannedWords campaign”.

Its description: “Race Forward is organizing in communities, governments, the arts and culture sector, academia, and everywhere racial justice work is done to undo Trump’s executive order banning racial justice work. Join now in the fight to finish!”

As part of that campaign, there is a 10-page document that is essentially a guide to fighting against opponents of the critical race theory.

“The essential conversation about race in America is being hijacked and undermined by widespread narrative attacks launched by Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Christopher Rufo,” guide it is said. “The attacks by Rufo and other critics, pundits and politicians who have joined the effort are shutting down important racial equity work and dialogue in institutions across the country – primarily schools, universities and government – ​​and our progressing in society.”

Rufo and the Manhattan Institute did not respond to a request for comment.

Philly Fed promotes similar ideas on its online properties.

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On October 6, it posted “racial equality training” on its youtube page In which speakers praise “anti-racist values” and attack “race-neutral policies”.

“Racism is really built into our system and it’s so firmly built in there that race-neutral policies perpetuate racism,” Jane Steinfeld of the National League of Cities said on the training. “And I think it’s really hard for a lot of policy makers that if we keep doing the same thing that we keep perpetuating the racist system. So if you really want to address equity it’s at the center of your program. I should be.”

Sylvie Gallier Howard of Equitable Cities Consulting, later in the video, agreed with the statement, which she called “very powerful.”

A spokesman for the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia cited a boilerplate policy that the inclusion of a link to another website does not mean that it endorses the content of the other website.

“The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia does not take a position on the critical race theory,” the spokesperson said, despite the fact that the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia promotes materials that support the critical race theory.

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The spokesperson also noted a “disclaimer” that “we do not specifically accept or endorse the positions or views raised by independent speakers, who may speak at our meetings, or otherwise be available through our website or otherwise.” material provided.” But the spokesperson still said the Philly Fed stands with racial equity training.

“That being said, we stand behind the work and community outreach efforts that we are engaged in, including racial equity training requested by the communities we serve,” the spokesperson said. . “We consider this work essential to achieve maximum employment as part of our dual mandate.”

With regard to the ROC Cohort Program, the spokesperson said, “The initiative is designed to encourage stronger local economies, helping cohorts across America overcome structural racism and the barriers of opportunity that exist in their communities.” And that prevents full participation in the economy.”

Granthshala Business’ Alex Pfeiffer and Houston Keene contributed to this report.

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