Philadelphia train passengers who witnessed rape held up phones during attack, but did not call 911: cops


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Police say the suspect raped the woman for about six minutes while other passengers were seen holding their cellphones

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passenger who did nothing Authorities said that while a homeless man raped a woman on a commuter train outside Philadelphia, he may have recorded the gruesome assault on his cellphone instead of calling for help.

Surveillance footage shows Fiston Ngoy, 35, who has been Rape allegation in Wednesday’s horrific attack On a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority train, he spent about 45 minutes harassing the woman and at one point touched her breast, according to an arrest affidavit. Retrieved by The Philadelphia Inquirer.


Police said the rape lasted about six minutes as other passengers were seen holding their cellphones but not using the devices to call 911, Septa’s police chief said on Monday.

Philadelphia-area Strafanger who filmed rape could face charges: report

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Chief Thomas Nestle III told reporters: “We want everyone outraged, hateful and joining us in keeping our systems safe.” “We need the public to notify us when they see something that seems unusual.”

A SEPTA spokesperson, the woman tried to stop Nogoy before the sexual assault told the New York Times.

“Then, unfortunately, he tore her clothes,” SEPTA spokesman Andrew Bush said on Sunday.

It is not clear how many other passengers were in the car of the westbound train on the Market-Frankford line, but Upper Darby Superintendent of Police Timothy Bernhardt said the attack could have been prevented if someone had been involved.

Woman raped in train because passersby did nothing, said police

Bernhardt told the Times, “I am shocked by the people who did nothing to help this woman.” “Whoever was on that train would have to look in the mirror and ask why they didn’t intervene or why they didn’t do anything.”

Those who fail to intervene could face criminal charges, Bernhardt said, but the decision will be up to local prosecutors once police complete their investigation.

Bernhardt said Pennsylvania doesn’t have a Good Samaritan law, so it would be “very difficult” to bring charges against anyone who witnessed the attack but didn’t call 911 or offer help.

Authorities have not released surveillance video and Nestle declined to give the number of witnesses close to the alleged sexual assault on Monday.

“I can tell you that people were holding their phones in the direction of this woman being attacked,” Nestle said.

An off-duty SEPTA employee called transit police, who arrived minutes later to interrupt the attack and arrest Ngoy, who listed a shelter in Philadelphia as his last address. He later told investigators that he began a conversation with the woman, claiming that the sexual encounter was consensual and did not stop his progress, The Enquirer reported.

The police affidavit said the woman told police her version of events was false, adding that Ngoy ignored her pleas to leave her alone.

Ngoy remained in prison Monday on $180,000 bail on charges of rape and related crimes. The Enquirer reported that he is due to appear in court in Upper Darby on Monday for a preliminary hearing. Court records show he had not requested a public defender until Monday.

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This report originally appeared in the New York Post.

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