Phil Murphy: What to know about New Jersey governor


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During his time as governor, Murphy has put forward a number of progressive policy proposals.

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Phil Murphy of New Jersey is seeking re-election next week, attempting to become the first Democrat to be re-elected to the Garden State since 1977.

Murphy, who graduated with degree in economics from Harvard University in 1979 and worked for Goldman Sachs for 23 years, making his political debut when he Served as National Finance President of the Democratic National Committee between 2006 and 2009, serving under then-DNC Chair Howard Dean.


After former President Barack Obama was elected in 2008, Murphy was appointed as the US ambassador to Germany and remained in that role until 2013.

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Speculation began shortly after his time as ambassador to Germany that Murphy can start a bid to become governor of New Jersey in 2013, but he ultimately decided against it.

NJ Govt. Murphy’s multiple controversies jeopardize his chances of being relegated for the first time in more than 40 years

Chris Christie, Murphy, an outspoken critic of the former New Jersey government announce your bid For the 2016 Democratic nomination for governor, officially entering the 2017 New Jersey gubernatorial election.

earning approval of both Democratic U.S. Senators from New Jersey, Bob Menendez and Corey Booker, of Murphy easily won the Democratic primary With 48.1% of the vote. Republican candidates Kim Guadagno face off against Murphy won the general election By a difference of 55.7% to 42.2%.

Murphy has put forward a number of progressive policy proposals in his time as governor, including: legalization of recreational marijuana, $15 per . Feather hour minimum wage And guaranteed paid sick leave for employees.

Now running next Tuesday’s election against Republican nominee Jack Ciatarelli, Murphy’s campaign has focused on his response to COVID-19 and create more jobs for the state. He also called for criminal justice reform, arguing that minorities are at the peak systemic damage Under the current criminal justice system

But the governor faces several challenges in his bid for re-election, particularly when it comes to his heavy-handed approach to tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

A controversial policy was his decision to order nursing homes to re-admit residents recovering from COVID-19, drawing comparisons to former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and criticizing that the order caused unnecessary deaths.

Republicans in the state rebuked the governor after he released footage from a campaign official saying he would require residents to be vaccinated against COVID-19 if he was to be re-elected.

Murphy too faced criticism For failing to address the state’s nation-high property taxes, an issue he famously dismissed in 2019, arguing that “you’re a one-issue voter and the tax rate is your issue, We are probably not your kingdom.”

FILE – New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (Anne-Marie Caruso/AP, Records via Poole)

But those comments came at the time of a mass exodus of residents of the state, with an analysis showing New Jersey. Highest rate of outbound migration in 2019.

Despite the challenges, current polling shows Murphy with a comfortable lead over his Republican challenger. As per the latest surveys collected by real clear politics, Murphy’s smallest gain is six points in an Emerson poll conducted between October 15-18. Other polls show Murphy with an even bigger advantage, including a new Monmouth poll showing he enjoys an 11-point lead over Ciatarelli.

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