Pelosi says Dems will pass infrastructure bill this week, can agree on reconciliation package


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Pelosi plans to pass infrastructure and reconciliation bills before the end of the month

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house speaker Nancy Pelosic Sunday Said House Democrats The bipartisan will this week pass the infrastructure bill and reach an agreement on its $3.5 trillion reconciliation package, despite a sharp difference between moderates and progressives.

“All I want to say is that we’re going to pass the bill this week,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said of the infrastructure bill on ABC’s “This Week.” “But you know I’m never going to bring a bill into the House that doesn’t have votes. And I think whenever you arbitrarily put in a date… you can’t choose the date, you have to go Vote when you have.”


House dams infrastructure ready to vote on reconciliation bills

The House speaker also said on “This Week” that Democrats “absolutely” need to come to an agreement on a reconciliation package before the infrastructure bill is passed. It was a signal to progressives in the House, who say several dozen of their members will vote against the infrastructure bill without assurances of reconciliation.

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“It’s all the wonderful legislative process that we have,” Pelosi said, dismissing comments from ‘This Week’ anchor George Stephanopoulos about how difficult the legislative task of Democrats is.

“Building Back Better is supported by over 95% of our caucuses… there are some who disagree and I respect the size of the package and a couple in the Senate as well,” she continued. “And we have to find our common ground while respecting each other’s views… it’s not about moderates versus progressives.”

As part of the negotiation process, Pelosi said it is almost certain that the price tag of the reconciliation bill will drop to a number less than $3.5 trillion.

Pelosi said in a letter to House Democrats on Saturday that she plans to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill and reconciliation bill by Thursday. This together gives him some faltering over the vote for the infrastructure bill, which was originally planned for Monday but could slip for a few days, and gives Democrats little margin for error on the reconciliation bill. .

The House Budget Committee approved the text of the reconciliation bill with a Democratic “no” vote in a rare Saturday meeting, but the bill could change significantly with a widening gap between the party’s progressives and moderates.

Pelosi’s strategy of moving the reconciliation bill so quickly appears to be part of an effort to get progressives on board with the infrastructure bill, which they say they will not vote for unless they are assured that reconciliation The bill will be passed.

It is unclear whether the gamble will work, but moderates have expressed confidence that he will be able to whip together enough votes to pass the infrastructure bill.

Granthshala News’ Chad Pergram contributed to this report.

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