Pelosi insists ‘time of intensity’ as Democrats aim to pass three major bills in one week


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Republicans claim ‘purely political deadline’ to review more than 2,400 pages of content

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House Democrats aim to pass infrastructure bill, government funding bill and president Joe BidenThe $3.5 trillion spending package a week, according to remarks made in a letter by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to her Democratic aides during a “time of intensity.”

Keeping silent on the debt limit in the letter, Pelosi called September 30, the day the government is set to exit funding, “a date full of meaning.


“This week, we must pass an ongoing resolution, the Build Back Better Act and the BIF,” Pelosi wrote in the letter. “On Thursday, the Build Back Better Act was sent to the budget committee for mark-up. As I write to you, the budget committee is marking up the bill.”

Pelosi claimed that “the next few days will be a time of intensity,” adding that a continuing motion was sent from the House to the Senate. Now Pelosi, along with other members of the House, are “waiting for their action to avoid the shutdown.”

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“We have to pass the BIF on September 30 to avoid the termination of surface transport funding,” Pelosi said. “And we must be on time to pass the reconciliation bill so that we can build better.”

Pelosi also said in the letter that the Democratic caucus “will hold a meeting on Monday at 5:30 p.m. ET as she urged the “full participation of members.”

Amid Pelosi’s pick-up action, Congressional Republicans, many of whom are dissatisfied with the time allotted to review some measures regarding the spending bill before voting, spoke during the House budget committee virtual markup Build Back Better Act.

“We’re here today to mark a massive tax and spending plan on more than 2,400 pages that was written entirely by Democrats on partisan grounds,” said Rep. Jason Smith, R-Mo. “Over the past 48 hours, it was put before this committee to meet an arbitrary, artificial and purely political deadline set by the Democrat leadership. And why? Because the majority has to be held within its own party. The discord needs to be settled.”

“We’re not marking up a budget or reconciliation bill here to address the debt ceiling,” Smith said, adding that “Democrats spent months ignoring our debt limits while they worked on this 2,400-page tax and spending plan.” They were sitting in the back rooms preparing the draft.”

“Democrats control the House, the Senate, and the White House. They have the tools they need to pass a bill to address our debt ceiling. But so far, they’ve refused,” Smith said on the reconciliation bill. Criticizing the U.S., which he said “includes amnesty for ten million illegal immigrants, it only makes these crises worse, along with a number of new job-killing taxes and radical policies.”

Rep. John Yarmuth, D-Ky. also talked about the intense rush to get the law passed and instead echoed Pelosi’s remarks to colleagues, saying, “Now is the time to act.”

“We are at an inflection point for our nation,” Yermuth said. “The future of millions of Americans and their families is at stake. They can no longer afford neglect and inaction – now is the time to act.”

In discussing measures including the Build Back Better Act and the reconciliation package, Yarmuth claimed they were “long-overdue investments” that would “ensure that our economy works for all Americans, and for the middle class in history.” Will provide the biggest tax cut.”

“Our country, our economy and our constituents cannot wait any longer for these investments,” Yarmuth said. “Now is the time to make it better.”

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