Pat Sajak talks brand new change to ‘Wheel of Fortune’ final spin after years of being ‘bothered’ by it


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Game show host discusses historic transformation with his daughter Maggie

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Pat Sajak is opening up about a major change that audiences may have noticed this week”wheel of Fortune“: The host is no longer the one to perform the last spin of the wheel during each game.

The new format debuted this week. After years of completing Sajak’s final spin, the decision was made to leave the job to the contestants. The final spin habitually occurs at the end of each game show episode. The landing spot determines the dollar amount each player receives for each letter until the puzzle is solved.


Sajak, 74, spoke about the change in a segment with his daughter Maggie, who joined the show on Monday. The long-running game show MC is clearly happy with the change because the final spin performance was something he admitted had “always bothered” him.

“You remember when Vanna used to throw letters? Well she complained. The work was too hard, the workload, so now they just light up… No, I’m lying about that,” he cracked.

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Then he got down to business. “It’s because, honestly, I never liked the idea of ​​imposing the host on the game. It always bothered me a little bit. We finally had to talk. We said, ‘Look, there’s a wheel spinning anyway. We’ Time will be saved. We’ll let them spin it, whoever spins it will be. So the final spin, at least as far as the host is concerned, is gone, but the final spin remains. I I’m just not doing it.”

“I hope this is a satisfactory explanation,” Sajak said.

Sajak then opened up about the question he’s often asked: “Why don’t you ever go bankrupt or lose out there?”

He said that he has but there is no point in showing it to the audience.

“We’re already running short of time because obviously, we’re in a final spin position. So why eat the time watching me spin? So we just edit out those spins, and we’ll do the same as players who are on the last spin.” If they go bankrupt or lose a turn or prize, we’ll let them spin again until they come to the dollar amount.”

Sajak joked that he was “afraid of audience rebellion” because of the change.

Earlier this year, fans called for a rule change at the game show, but it had nothing to do with the final spin. In April viewers voiced their opposition to a rule introduced in 2016 with the crossword puzzle format of the long-running game show. Crossword puzzles typically have four words that the contestants need to understand. When it comes time for them to answer, the rules say they need to say four words and only four words that solve the puzzle. This did not bode well for a contestant named David Peterson, who answered a riddle with the answer, “Soul, Flounder, Cod and Catfish.”

This forced host Pat Sajak | For denying Peterson points, meaning he lost out on big money for adding the word “and” to his answer.

Some noted that the rule essentially restricted contestants who would otherwise solve the puzzle. A spokesperson for the show told Granthshala News at the time, “Our longstanding rule is that in order to solve a correct puzzle, a contestant must only say what is on board.” “Contestants are informed well before the show, and Pat often reminds them of this rule when solving puzzles in this particular category.”

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