Parents seek out COVID-19 vaccine trials for their children ahead of official authorization


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Parents didn’t want to wait for trial to end, to sign off on vaccines regulator

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Rachel DiFrancisco’s 14-month-old daughter Sybil chews on a plastic toy at a doctor’s office in a Cleveland suburb while waiting to enroll in a recent study testing whether a COVID-19 Vaccination works safely in children.

“This trial is our best shot at getting the vaccine as soon as possible,” said Ms DiFrancisco, who said she wants Sybil to be able to spend more time with other children and extended family. “We want some semblance of normalcy for him.”


Modern analysis: People who got vaccinated last year are twice as likely to get COVID-19 than those who were recently infected

Many parents across the US are rushing to try to put their children on COVID-19 vaccine trials protect them from viruses as soon as possible.

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The shots have not been proven to work safely for young people, and child volunteers may receive a placebo instead of the vaccine in the later stages. Yet parents said they were ready to take the chance and submit tests’ blood draws, COVID-19 tests and appointments to protect their children as well as their families and classmates.

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Parents said the infectious Delta version and the start of a new school year have added to the urgency.

Children under the age of 12 are the last group in the US to not have access to an authorized COVID-19 vaccine. Young people, although at relatively low risk of serious illness and hospitalization, are going to the hospital in more numbers Because of the spread among the Delta’s mainly unconnected people earlier in the pandemic.

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