Ontario announces school curriculum changes to mandate Indigenous learning in Grades 1 to 3


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TORONTO – A day before Canada’s National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, the Government of Ontario announced changes to the school curriculum, committing to strengthen Indigenous education in grades 1 to 3 over the next two years, including the introduction of the residential school system Of.

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On Wednesday, the Progressive Conservative government said it hopes to “bridge the current gap” in Indigenous education by adding lessons about First Nations peoples to the social studies curriculum for the first three grades by September 2023. This includes the following:

  • The Role of Family and Resilience in First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Communities and Nations

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    First Nations, Metis and Inuit Historical and Contemporary Realities

  • The interrelationship of indigenous peoples and the relationship with the land

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    Reform and revitalize the residential school system and identity, language, culture and community relations.

Government says changes are in response Call of action of Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The government has also committed to providing $23.96 million in Indigenous education funding in 2021-22 “as part of a broader commitment to reconciliation”.

Education Minister Stephen Lessey said, “Incorporating Indigenous content and voices into Ontario’s curriculum – along with compulsory education in residential schools – is a meaningful way we can address issues of racism, Indigenous student welfare and advance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.” can address.” Statement.

“We are investing more to support Indigenous students, with the aim of boosting graduation rates and enabling economic opportunity for the next generation of Indigenous students.”

After years of work by the previous Liberal government, the province implemented compulsory Indigenous education in social studies classes in grades 4 to 6 and history classes in grades 7 to 10 in 2018. This included compulsory learning about residential schools in Grade 8 and Grade 10.

However, in the same year, the newly-elected Progressive Conservative government Abruptly canceled course-writing session With Indigenous leaders who would have further included First Nations learning in schools.

In a news release issued on Wednesday, the government said it has been discussing curriculum revision with indigenous partners since 2019.

This is a breaking news story. more to come.


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