NYC vaccine mandate impacts


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Rachel Maniscalco is a New York City public school teacher on Staten Island.


“We don’t think we’re a public health risk. There’s no science behind it,” Manisalko says.

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He is set to lose his job if he does not get vaccinated by 5 pm on Friday. There is a deadline for all education department employees in the city to comply with the city’s mandate of requiring at least one COVID-19 vaccine.

Maniscalco says she worked out while she was pregnant.

“I went in because the schools needed me. The kids needed me and now I’m being put on unpaid leave because I won’t get vaccinated,” Maniscalco said.

City officials say 87 percent of DOE employees have been vaccinated. Mayor de Blasio is hoping the deadline will convince the remaining 13 percent.

“Someone is really looking at the possibility that they won’t have a paycheck for a long time, they might even eventually lose their job. A lot of people will look at it and say ‘Hold on, okay. I’ll get vaccinated,’” de Blasio he said.

But the teachers union is anticipating a shortage of staff on Monday morning.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew says, “According to our recent survey of UFT chapter leaders, only one-third believe their schools can still open without disruption, without a potential shortage of immunization personnel.” looking at.”

The mayor says the DOE has teachers ready to work.

Meanwhile, the state’s vaccine for health care workers, which came into effect on Monday, is showing effect.

Governor Hochul reports that 92% of hospital staff have received at least one dose. The same applies to nursing home workers, and 89 percent of adult care facilities staff are compliant.

The city’s chief of health and hospitals, Dr Michelle Katz, says the city’s hospitals are in good shape.

“I am happy to inform you that all hospitals in NYC are fully operational and doing well,” Katz says.

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