NYC tourists duped by illegal vans touted on Airbnb as cheap places to ‘glamp’


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Vans could be rented for less than $100 per night

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He was a flash in “Van”.

Police this week seized seven illegally documented vans that have been used as Airbnb rentals for at least two years, officials said.

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In a series of deleted posts on the app, the van was touted as too down-to-earth for tourists to experience the average streets of the Big Apple – practically sleeping on them for $100 a night. Was.

“Glow in a Giant Camper Van in NYC!” An ad boasting a “private room” was said to accommodate three people.

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But an eagle-eyed traffic enforcement agent noticed some sketches about vehicles—five of which were parked in the East Village—whose registrations and NJ plates had long expired, some going as far back as 2000. , the sources said.

A joint investigation by the Sheriff’s Office and the NYPD Document Fraud Unit “discovered alleged fraudulent and illegally registered vehicles being used as Airbnb rentals on various streets in Manhattan,” Sheriff Joseph Fusito posted Saturday. told.

Officials said the sheriff confiscated the cars on Thursday and Friday.

“The vehicles could have been taken off the road because they were mismatched and the registration was over,” said a law enforcement source.

One of the confiscated vans — a red, 1999 Ford Aconline parked on East 2nd Street — gave California-based journalist/video producer Uptin Sadi a room with a view — not to mention four wheels and an exhaust pipe. offered.

Saidi, who made the YouTube video during his stay on August 4, said he was initially swayed by the ad, which gave him the #VanLife experience for just $97.

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He said a key – for someone who couldn’t start the engine – had been left in a lockbox in the back of the van.

But he quickly saw a red flag: “When I got there there was a parking ticket, because it was on Tuesday, who was cleaning the road. I stayed there on Wednesday,” he said.

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