NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio booed at Global Citizens Live concert


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It was the second time in recent weeks that Democrats were harassed at a major Central Park demonstration

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Mayor Bill de Blasio was booed by an otherwise enthusiastic crowd at Saturday’s star-studded Global Citizen Live concert, the second time in recent weeks he was harassed at a major Central Park performance.

De Blasio heard widespread jokes about New York City’s climate change initiatives and appearances by Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and other dignitaries between sets like Coldplay, J-Lo and Lizzo.


Black Lives Matter leader calls Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandate a ‘modern day independence letter’

the lame duck was a democrat The Bronx Bombed With Cheers Last month at The Homecoming concert in Central Park, which was meant to signal the return of city life amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Some 60,000 fans were forced to flee as the show was suddenly cut short by the severe weather threatening Manhattan Park.

Hizzoner has a history of receiving an icy welcome not only from city employees, but crowd full of political allies.

Boobirds even showed up to Meyer to grill at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest this Independence Day.

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