‘Nuclear option’: Biden says Democrats may suspend filibuster to raise debt ceiling


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Earlier this week, Biden urged Republican senators to ‘get out of the way’

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President Joe Biden told reporters on Tuesday that Democrats Could use the “nuclear option” to stop Republican From completing your plan to increase the loan limit.

“Oh, I think it’s a real possibility,” Biden told reporters on the South Lawn of the White House about the prospect of a “nuclear option” to prevent Republicans from filming the vote to raise the debt limit.


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Biden’s remarks come as some Democrats have held the view.

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“There are discussions,” Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois said Hill spoke out earlier this week about conversations on how to avoid a Republican filibuster.

Earlier this week, Biden urged Republican senators to “get out of the way” and let Democrats rise country’s debt limit, as Senate minority leader hopes to save US government from collapsing dangerously close to credit default Mitch McConnell refuses to help his party.

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Biden’s criticism came as Congress faced an October 18 deadline to allow the government to borrow more to keep running after a total of $28.4 trillion in public debt accrued. The House has passed a measure to suspend the debt limit, but McConnell is forcing Senate Democrats into a cumbersome process that can stretch and achieve deadlines with little margin for error.

McConnell warning Biden said on Monday that Republicans would not help Democrats raise the debt limit and told the president he should persuade members Congress To raise the loan limit along your party-to-party lines

“Since mid-July, Republicans have explicitly stated that Democrats will need to raise the debt limit on their own. Throughout the year, your party has spent staggering, ‘transformative’ spending through unprecedented use of the party-line reconciliation process. chose to pursue it.” McConnell said. “I’ve relayed this reality to your Democratic lieutenants for two and a half months.”

McConnell said: “Your Democratic majority has no plan of its own to avoid default. … I respectfully submit that the time has come for Congress to engage directly with Democrats on this matter.”

Over the weekend, Biden said Republicans would act irresponsibly if they choose to filebuster raising the debt limit.

“Well, I hope Republicans aren’t so irresponsible that they refuse to raise the debt limit and lower the debt limit,” Biden said. said Journalists Saturday. “It would be completely unconscious. Never done that before. So I hope it doesn’t.”

The Senate is set to vote on Wednesday to enact legislation to raise the debt limit. It will take 60 votes to proceed, which experts believe is unlikely.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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