NRA instructor trains thousands of inner city women ‘to ensure they’re never victims’


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NRA instructor helps train Detroit’s 4,000 minority women on gun safety and use

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An NRA instructor described as “the Left’s worst nightmare” helped train thousands of minority women Detroit how to protect yourself safely guns “To make sure they never suffer.”

“The Left thinks the Second Amendment wasn’t designed for people who look like us. They said the same thing during the Jim Crow era,” NRA instructor Rick Ector said in a video published by the NRA on Thursday. Morning.


The actor held a two-day annual event in late August where he helped train 4,000 minority women from inner-city Detroit on gun safety and use, explaining that Americans need to exercise their Second Amendment rights themselves. To save gun crimes continue to rise.

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“If only taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens was the answer, Detroit would be the safest place on earth. Instead, 2020 alone has seen a 53% increase in shootings,” said Ector. “In fact, over the past weekend, I’ve coached 4,000 lovely women to make sure they never suffer. And it’s not about politics to me — it’s about common sense.”

Detroit was one of the cities across the country last year that saw a sharp increase in firingThe Motor City reported a 19% increase in homicides in 2020 compared to 2019, and a 53% increase in non-lethal shootings.

“There is a wave of criminal violence sweeping all of America’s major cities, fueled by politicians who fail to eliminate police, release criminals into the streets, and put gun laws on the books. Instead, these politicians continue to pursue their extreme gun control agenda,” NRA Executive Vice President Wayne Lapierre told Granthshala News.

“Law-abiding Americans are going all out to arm themselves and get trained because they know a gun is the best way to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

The women in Detroit, whom Ector trained, echoed Lapierre’s comments, expressing that they were grateful for the courses amid a rise in gun crimes.

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“In Detroit, yeah, crime is on the rise and you know, we just need something to protect ourselves,” a woman the actor trained said in the video.

Another woman said: “I just moved out so I’m living on my own, and I work nights sometimes, and I’m out at night. No one wants to walk alone at night and feel unsafe. Especially in this society and what happens today.”

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Retired Lieutenant Colonel Wills Kay Lee, NRA’s second vice president, said, “Our focus is to further our message to all law-abiding citizens across America that firearms education and safety is important, no matter where you are. Or who are you? , added to the two-day program.

As far as the actor is concerned, he said that after being “brainwashed” of gun ownership being “bad”, he found himself one day robbed at gunpoint in his driveway. He was able to escape by telling suspects “a lot of lies” that he had a house full of guns and trained gun users.

“They ran away,” said Hector. “That day, I made a promise to myself that I would never look down the barrel or be defenseless again, and that I would use my experience to help others.”

“Rick is the embodiment of the NRA’s spirit of voluntarism that is prevalent among millions of our members. Over the years, he has led a significant and genuine effort to help make Detroit a safer place. We want Rick to be an NRA member, Proud to have you as an instructor, and a member of our outreach committee,” Lapierre added in his statement.

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