Notorious ‘Halloween’ villain Michael Myers accused of being ‘homophobic’ in latest movie


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‘Halloween Kills’ opened last week and features a scene where a gay couple is murdered by Michael Myers

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One of Halloween’s main villains, Michael Myers, is being branded as “homophobic” in the latest iteration of the “Halloween” horror film franchise.

“Michael Myers is homophobic,” reads a comment on twitter, other states,”halloween kills was great But why did Michael have to kill a gay couple.”


“Halloween Kills” was released last week, and features a scene where a bloodthirsty serial killer murders a gay couple.

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The tweets seem to have been jokingly written, but he and others like him have opened a flood of criticism over the claim and debate over whether the fictional killer may be “gay.”

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Also posted by Gamer, an LGBTQ publication Op-Ed Squealing Claims That the infamous villain is terrified of homosexuality, noting that “the way he handles the death of a gay couple in the latest film basically doesn’t separate Bob, Annie, and Linda from the butcher. Halloween

“If there’s one thing that anyone is a fan of Halloween The series knows it is this: the origins of Michael Myers lie a mystery beyond him as the human form of pure evil. He kills because that’s what he does. He’s a man of blood and flesh (at least, that’s what we know so far in this remake) and the only thing that drives him is suffering and misfortune,” the op-ed says.

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