North Korea Missile Live Updates: Country fires ‘possible submarine missile’ into Sea of Japan


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live update

North Korea has fired at least one ballistic missile – believed to be designed for submarines – into South Korea’s eastern waters in the Sea of ​​Japan following a recent streak of weapons testing from the country.

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The Japanese government promised to gather more information about the launch and suggested that North Korea fired two missiles near its territory, with a new powerful weapon unveiled at a military parade earlier this year .

The US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) warned that the North wants to launch a long-range missile in the coming year – a move that would represent a major security risk to South Korea, Japan and other US allies in East Asia .


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South Koreans watched missile test on public TV

Photos taken just before the launch show passengers standing on TVs in shop windows and at train stations and watching the event live.

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South Koreans saw missile launch on TV

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A brand new ballistic missile – capable of being launched from a submarine – was shown at a military parade in the country in April this year.

Analysts in South Korea and Japan believe the missile shown in the video below may be the missile used in the test – but an investigation is still ongoing.

Missile ‘Ready for Submarine Based Launch’

South Korea’s military described the weapon as being capable of being launched from the sea, possibly the most significant performance of the North’s military since President Biden took office – and causing great concern among adversaries nearby. .

Officials believe that it could be the same missile that was unveiled at the country’s military parade in April this year.

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Japanese officials are continuing to investigate a missile launch by North Korea this morning, which could have potentially significant geopolitical consequences.

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