North Carolina sisters say stranger’s body was in mom’s casket after funeral home mix-up: report


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According to a report, the stranger wore his mother’s clothes

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Two North Carolina sisters said they made a shocking discovery earlier this month when they found the body of a stranger inside the coffin that contained their mother, a report said.

“There is no resemblance in person,” one of the sisters, Janetta Archer, said in an interview. “Her size was too far off. When the first person had clothes on, she was swimming in clothes because she was so much smaller than my mom.”


The sisters claim that Hunter’s funeral home in Ahoski, which is about 120 miles northeast of Raleigh, failed to acknowledge the issue and even denied that the person was someone else, WAVY. -TV informed of. He said his mother’s body was finally found in the embalming room.

“It would have been a different situation if they had come forward and addressed it immediately to show that yes, they made a mistake,” Archer said.

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Funeral Home did not immediately respond to after-hours emails from Granthshala News. The house claimed that it had contacted the family to apologize, but the sisters said they never got a call.

The incident is being told of 7 September.

The sisters said they were surprised that there could be a mistake on such a large scale.

“What do you do to prevent something like this from happening? Don’t they have a per person chart and treat them like a client or a patient or whatever you want to refer them to, so you don’t mix them up.” ?” Archer said

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