‘No Mandate Monday’ takes hold at California HS


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The debate over school mask mandates continues in school districts across America

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Maybe “No Mandate Monday” is coming up at your nearest school.

Some students and teachers at a California high school took part in a loosely organized protest called “No Mandate Monday” Monday, aimed at rebuking Sacramento over its COVID-19 classroom orders and refusing to leave campus last week To stand for a senior removed from to wear a mask.


Video emerged from inside Ponderosa High School, which showed masked students participating in the protests, who were kept in a “non-compliance room”, according to a parent.

Michael Wilkes, 38, a teacher at El Dorado County High School, told Granthshala News he was placed on administrative paid leave after teaching for a day without a mask. He said the district is investigating and he will probably lose his job after five years.

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“I have tremendous peace of mind knowing that I am staying true to my heart,” he said.

Wilkes, a father of three young children, said he has received support from families within the district, who agree that these mandates assigned from Sacramento do more harm than good in the health and learning environment for the children.

There is a statewide mask requirement in California that affects about 6.7 million students. The state’s largest teacher unions support the mandate, as does the California Association of School Boards.

Gavin Newsom, the state’s Democrat, said students would have to be vaccinated to attend individual classes after the U.S. fully tested vaccines for particular age groups. His office did not immediately respond to an email from Granthshala News.

Wilkes said it was his intention to stand up for individual liberty and to encourage debate during his classes. He said parents are tired of these mandates and pointed to last week’s protest in Sacramento as evidence. The protest included parents who raged against the Newsom vaccine mandate.

viral post

Video of protesting students surfaced on Monday let them breatheTwitter handle of

“Happening now,” the post read. “46 students chose to unmask with the support of some teachers, but are being kept in two different rooms by the administrator at Ponderosa High School with instruction in El Dorado County CA. They sent us this video and told us about this developing situation. asked to share.”

california schools reopen, a volunteer group posted that “No-Mask Monday” was formed in protest of a student “who was not disciplined because of our state’s indefinite school mask mandate.”

Wilkes said the senior in the high school, whom he described as “straight-up an angel,” decided last week to wear face coverings and try to enter classes. He was eventually evicted from the premises, he said.

It was not immediately clear how many students and teachers of the school took part in the protests. The principal and school district of Ponderosa High School did not immediately respond to after-hours emails from Granthshala News.

Reopen California School founder Jonathan Zacharson said he began his effort to get students back inside the classroom when schools in the state first closed for in-person classes in 2020. He said that although the state has reopened schools, this mandate continues. To put a burden on the children.

“A lot has been taken from kids in the last 18 months,” he said. “We need to give them some normalcy back.”

At the center of the protests are mask and vaccine mandates.

The argument of parents opposing vaccines for children is that the long-term side effects of these jabs are still unknown. They also say that these mandates infringe on their liberties.

Opponents of these calls to protest see those who refuse to wear masks and are willing to put the public’s health at risk to make political statements.

Federal health regulators said Friday that a child-sized dose of Pfizer’s vaccine appears highly effective in preventing symptomatic infections in primary school children and does not pose any unexpected safety problems.

The Food and Drug Administration posted its analysis of Pfizer’s data ahead of a public meeting this week to debate whether the shots are ready for the nation’s nearly 28 million children ages five to 11. The agency will ask a panel of outside vaccine experts to vote. This question.

FDA scientists concluded that in almost every scenario the benefit of the vaccine to prevent hospitalization and death from COVID-19 would outweigh any serious potential side effects in children. But agency reviewers held off on calling for Pfizer’s shot to be authorised. Health officials have also emphasized that masks – worn properly – have been shown to be effective in limiting the spread of disease in indoor settings.

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Wilkes said he also has the support of other teachers who would speak otherwise but are worried about losing their jobs. But he said he would continue to present his case.

“It has become bigger than the mask, bigger than the vaccine,” he said. “It’s about individual freedom and parents being able to make decisions for their children.”


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