NIH director believes widespread coronavirus vaccine boosters will be recommended despite FDA opinion


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Biden administration wants booster for all from September 20

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Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, continues his support for people under the age of 65 who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus to receive a booster shot even after it has not been approved by the FDA.

On Friday, the FDA’s Vaccines and . Biological Products Advisory Committee said no to an application for the booster except in people 65 years of age and older and at-risk populations. In a conversation with “Granthshala News Sunday,” Collins dismissed the FDA’s decision as being subject to change upon further review of the science.


COVID-19 vaccine unnecessary for most, FDA advisers reportedly resign over issue

“I think the great news is that they approved the introduction of the booster,” Collins said of the Emergency Use Authorization for Older and at-Risk Americans. “Remember, they’re just taking a snapshot now, we’re going to see what happens in the coming weeks. It would surprise me if it doesn’t become clear over the next few weeks that the administration of a booster might be needed.” “Increased. Based on the data we’ve already seen in both the US and Israel, it’s clear that the decrease in the effectiveness of those vaccines is a reality and we need to respond.”

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The Biden administration saw September 20 as the date to begin offering booster shots to all Americans, but the CDC noted that it was pending FDA approval.

FDA panel endorses PFIZER’s COVID-19 vaccine booster for people 65 and older, high-risk patients

Collins said he wasn’t sure if boosters would be recommended for everyone, pointing to concerns of risks outweighing benefits for younger people, but he did approve boosters for people younger than 65. Will go

Two FDA officials — Marion Gruber, director of the Office of Vaccines Research and Review and deputy director Phil Krause — are reportedly stepping down from their positions in protest of the Biden administration’s push for booster shots.

He and a group of other prominent scientists recently claimed that the available evidence does not yet support encouraging COVID booster shots for all Americans.

“Careful and public scrutiny of developed data will be needed to ensure that decisions about promotion are informed by more credible science than politics,” the group wrote, adding in part: “While there is clear evidence The only widespread promotion that should be given is that it is appropriate.”

Granthshala News’ Houston and Keene and Kayla Rivas contributed to this report.

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