Nicole Kidman appears as Lucille Ball in first trailer for ‘Being the Ricardos’


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Kidman, 54, is also joined by actor Javier Bardem, 52, who plays Ball’s husband Desi Arnaz in the film.

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Nicole Kidman appears as Lucille Ball in the first trailer for “Being the Ricardos,” released Tuesday.

Kidman, 54, is also accompanied by actor Javier Bardem, 52, who plays Ball’s husband Desi Arnaz in the film.


The biopic follows the lives of Ball and Arnaz. They were married from 1940 to 1960. The pair starred in the sitcom hit “I love Lucy

The trailer shows different scenes from the biopic while Kidman masquerades as Ball. The short trailer ends with Kidman appearing as Ball as she “I.” recreates a scene of TookOw Lucy.”

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Kidman and Bardem’s casting was criticized By some, mostly because Spanish actor Bardem was cast as Arnaz, who was Cuban-American.

Lucille Ball’s daughter praises Nicole Kidman’s ‘fantastic’ portrayal of ‘I Love Lucy’ star in new biopic

However, director and producer Aaron Sorkin called the pair “the greatest actors of all time” when talking about the casting.

“I think people thought we cast them as Lucy and Ricky Ricciardo,” Sorkin explained. entertainment tonight Back in February.

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“The movie takes place during a production week of ‘I Love Lucy’ — a Monday table read to Friday audiences, with a whole bunch of long flashbacks telling the story that got us here — and Because there’s a table read, there’s rehearsal and then there’s tape night, we see moments of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo in them.”

“But mostly they are playing Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball,” he said. “And they’re going to be fantastic. These are two of the greatest actors of all time.”

Kidman opened up about playing Ball and called the casting an “amazing prospect.”

“I love Lucille, now watched and delved into it,” Kidman where variety. “She’s an amazing woman. I’m so excited for people to see what Aaron found about her and the way he interpreted Desi and Lucy and the way it’s so rich. I don’t like any of it.” Didn’t even know.”

NS Amazon Studio The film is set to premiere in theaters on December 10 and on video streaming platforms on December 21.

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