Nicolas Cage kicked out of Las Vegas bar after getting ‘drunk and being rowdy’: report


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Maybe he’s rehearsing for “Leaving Las Vegas” part two.

Eyewitnesses said troubled Hollywood star Nicolas Cage was filmed being kicked out of an expensive Las Vegas bar – where he was “totally drunk and rowdy” and mistaken for a “homeless man”.


The actor – who won an Oscar for his portrayal of an alcoholic in “Leaving Las Vegas” – was kicked out of Laurie’s Prime Rib on Monday last week after an argument with a staff member, according to the report. Sun. shared footage with.

“Nicholas Cage is a little f-ked up here,” can be heard a man on the video as the bearded star hops onto a coach wearing nothing but leopard print pants, a black T-shirt and his bare feet. was sitting.

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An eyewitness told The Sun that he previously thought he was “a homeless man who is completely drunk and rowdy.”

“To our shock, it turned [out] To be Nicolas Cage,” the viewer said of the 57-year-old “Face/Off” star.

“He was completely broke and was having a little fight with the staff.

“He was in really bad shape and moving around unnecessarily. Staff told us he was downing shots of tequila and 1980 Macallan whiskey.

“He was yelling at people and trying to fight and then the staff asked him to leave,” the witness said.

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In the footage, Cage asks for his “shoes”—just to be given a few flip-flops in which he appears to struggle to slide his feet.

“He was so drunk he could barely get his flip-flops on before he passed out,” said the witness, who claimed that Cage “asked us if we wanted to come back to his place.”

The clip ends with Cage – who lost his mother earlier this year – appears to be facing the staff throwing him out, apparently trying to get back to the bar.

“Wait, man,” a voice could be heard on the video, noting that the apparent embarrassment was causing Cage.

As well as getting drunk onscreen, Cage has his own history with the bottle.

In March 2019, he annulled his Vegas wedding to fourth wife Erica Koike – admitting that he was Too drunk to “understand the full impact of your actions”.

2018. In interview with the Guardian, Cage also admitted that he puts himself into his work to avoid being “self-destructive”.

“Then I’m just going to sit down and sip two more bottles of red wine, and I don’t want to be that person, so I have to work,” he said.

The Sun said a representative for Star did not respond to a request for comment and a member of staff believed to be Laurie’s manager declined to comment when asked about the incident.

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