New study finds flu, COVID vaccines safe to administer at same time


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The study examined 340 individuals in randomized trials.

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A new British study has determined that it is safe to have the flu and COVID-19 vaccines at the same time.

Researchers gave adults the flu shot, or COVID-19 vaccine, at one of 12 sites across the UK. Three weeks later, those who got the flu vaccine again got a COVID-19 vaccine shot and vice versa – although some got a placebo shot.


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The study, which followed 340 participants in randomized trials, found “no safety concerns” from administering both shots and that both vaccines maintained an appropriate immune response, according to a preprint of the study in the medical journal the Lancet.

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“Most reactions were mild or moderate,” the study said. “Rates of local and unwanted systemic reactions were similar between the randomized groups.” The study reported only one “adverse” event that resulted in hospitalization, but highlighted that “immune responses were not adversely affected.”

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researchers of University of Bristol, the University of Oxford and the University Hospital Bristol and the Weston NHS Foundation Trust conducted the full trial in six weeks. All subjects were given an age-appropriate shot for each vaccine.

Dr Rajeka Lazarus, lead scientist and consultant in infectious diseases and microbiology at University Hospitals Bristol and the Weston NHS Foundation Trust, noted the results required peer review, but stressed that it was “a really positive step.” Is.”

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The study indicates that hospitals may reduce the number of appointments for patients as they seek to administer booster shots and flu shots ahead of the winter season, which saw a significant increase in COVID-19 infections last year. Presented because people stayed indoors in cold weather.

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About 97% of subjects said they would voluntarily receive two vaccines at the same appointment after the study, NS Guardian informed of.

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