New Orleans residents hold ‘trash parade’ protest after garbage pickup delayed 3 weeks post Hurricane Ida


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Many residents say their household trash hasn’t been picked up since the storm

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Three weeks after Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana, a stench still haunts New Orleans and its suburbs.

Many residents haven’t picked up their household garbage in weeks. Passing through the neighbourhoods, bin after bin fills up the shore and residents are losing patience.


“Not a word for it but disgusting,” said resident James Hickerson. “All these trash cans have spoiled meat in them. We can’t sit on the porch because it stinks. The flies are over.”

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IDA-battered New Orleans cleans up trash as street smells

The city of New Orleans says it doesn’t have enough workers to handle the waste because of a staff shortage.

“It’s like we’re living in a landfill right now,” said resident Sherwin White. “I don’t feel like home anymore.”

One solution city residents have offered is to leave their own garbage.

Cars filled with garbage bags have been parked outside the recycling center for several days.

“I didn’t know when they were going to arrive so I took matters into my own hands,” said Clarence Villere as he left 12 bags of trash.

New Orleans’ Garbage Problem Exacerbated by Nichols

Over the weekend, nearly a hundred city residents also took matters into their own hands by dressing up in trash-themed costumes as part of an organized “garbage parade” to demand change.

a woman holds a "let them eat the trash" Sign while wearing garbage bags to dress in an organized 'garbage parade' protest.

“It’s like living in a third world country,” said parade-goer Julia Marshall. “Pay the workers. Give them benefits. They are the backbone of civil society.”

Hurricane Ida causes widespread destruction in Louisiana, New Orleans dark

In response to the backlash, the city of New Orleans has called in the extensive cleanup crew to eliminate the garbage pickup it uses for Mardi Gras.

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