New book tracks Hunter Biden’s three laptops amid crack binges and flings with prostitutes


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Hunter Biden ‘did not directly address’ whether he dropped laptop at John Paul Mack Isaacs store, author writes

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First on Granthshala: A new book tracks down three laptops owned President Biden’s Son, hunter biden, and the various chains of his custody, amid the young Biden’s caresses with benders and prostitutes.

Granthshala News has accessed an exclusive excerpt from Politico’s national political correspondent Ben Schrekinger’s new book, “The Bidens: Inside the First Families’ Fifty-Year Rise to Power.”


The Chapter 1 excerpt, “Chekov’s Laptops,” describes how a trio of Biden’s laptops ended up in Delaware, and how John Paul left for “data recovery” at Mac Isaac’s computer repair shop, which sparked international controversy.

History of Joe Biden’s investigation of race relations exposed in new book

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Going back to the FBI’s first attempt at investigating then-President Trump and the current president’s son under the noses of Hunter, Schrekinger talks about Trump’s former personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani poking into the young Biden’s Ukrainian business deals.

Touching the Connecticut countryside through a “seeded motel along I-95” to young Biden’s “extended crack binge” with drug dealers and prostitutes, the author marches into the laptop controversy that sparked the president’s 2020 campaign. The launch was tarnished.

When John Paul says Mac Isaacs that Hunter brought three other laptops, MacBook Pros—one affixed with a sticker for the Beau Biden Foundation—to Mac Isaac’s computer repair shop, a drab near Hunter’s home in Wilmington, Inside the brick shopping plaza, leaving one behind for data recovery,” Schrekinger wrote.

Schrekinger also noted that Hunter “accepted that the laptop ‘definitely’ could be his, and that he was not keeping track of his possessions in the meantime.” He also wrote that Hunter Biden “has not directly stated whether he ever dropped equipment at Mac Isaac’s store, and suggested that they may have been hacked instead.”

“A few weeks later, Joe held his campaign kickoff rally in Philadelphia. His children and grandchildren were on hand to support him, with one notable exception,” the book reads. “Among the gathered bidens, where Hunter should have sat in an empty, empty chair.”

“His presence in the campaign will soon be felt, and will hang on in its closing weeks, when said laptop sat in that dreary shopping plaza became the subject of international controversy,” Scheckinger wrote.

“The Bidens: Inside the First Families’ Fifty-Year Rise to Power” Hitting the bookshelf next week.

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