Netflix releases first-look at season 4 of ‘Ozark’


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‘Ozark’ will premiere in two parts and both will release in 2022.

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The Byrds have blood on their hands again in the first glimpse of the fourth and final season ofozarki“Offered by Saturday Netflix As part of its Tudum Global promotional event.

NS 90 second clip The couple released by Netflix shows the couple at the heart of the series — Wendy and Marty Byrd, played by Laura Linney and Jason Bateman — washing themselves in the bathroom sink. Both have blood and some kind of spot on their hands, hair and upper body. They seem to be dealing with a drug cartel family in Mexico that has been an integral part of the series in recent seasons.


‘Ozark’ renewed for fourth and final season on Netflix

Netflix did not reveal a premiere date but said the season would air next year.

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If anything can top the explosive “bitch wolf” showdown between Emmy winner Julia Garner and showstopper Linney, it could be the final season. Last We Saw ‘Ruth Langmore (Garner) left the Byrde family guilt ring after Wendy Byrday (Linnie) ousted her own brother, a decision that swiftly led to his demise. Horrified by Wendy and Marty’s actions, Langmore exits the entire operation, which Wendy returns with the threat, “You don’t need to leave the drug cartel.”

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Reuniting with what’s left of his family, Langmore forms a new alliance with the extremely dangerous Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery). We haven’t yet seen what kind of chaos Langmore and Snell will sow in the back hills of the Ozarks, but we’re not optimistic that anyone will make it out of Missouri alive until the series finale.

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This previous season is made up of 14 episodes, with the first episode being “The Beginning of the End”. However, the new season will be split into two parts, the release date of which is yet to be determined.

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