‘My Son Hunter’ movie releases photos depicting Biden’s son smoking, partying with scantily clad women


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Lawrence Granthshala portrays President Biden’s son Hunter in biopic

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In the new pictures released from the upcoming biopic “My Sun Hunter,” the actor Lawrence Granthshala, which depicts President Biden’s son Hunter Biden, is seen smoking, painting – and apparently sleeping with a bevy of women wearing less.

A press release sent to Granthshala News stated that “My Sun Hunter” will explore Hunter’s “dodgy business dealings, party/strip club lifestyle, and addiction struggles.”


According to Guardian, the script is the fictional debut of Irish documentarian Ann McElhinney and Felim McAleer. Robert Dewey of “License to Kill” and “The Goonies” will serve as director.

McAleer said “My Sun Hunter” would be “‘Austin Powers’ meets ‘King Lear’ meets ‘House of Cards’.”

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Robert Dewey to direct Hunter Biden biopic from ‘Gosnell’ filmmakers

“Joe and Hunter have this weird King Lear style relationship,” he claimed. “Hunter can never live up to his father’s expectations. And although Joe loves Hunter, he sees him as an abuser who needs help and has a business opportunity for exploitation. It’s the struggle itself.” Makes for great drama.”

Back in September, Granthshala, a British actor, mentioned in a Twitter video that he believes the script is “fantastic, surreal and funny… mostly because it’s true.”

Former ‘Dynasty’ star John James to star as President Biden in ‘My Son Hunter’

Granthshala also noted that he felt a certain kinship with Hunter, given their respective times in the media spotlight. Before the 2020 election, Hunter was accused of offering access To foreign business leaders to his politically powerful father, which the Bidens have vehemently denied.

“Hunter’s story fascinates me, especially the vigor with which the mainstream media is trying to suppress him. I couldn’t resist his offer to enter his world and tell his truth,” he said. “So, on one level, we’re both being canceled. Hunter’s story and Hunter’s truth can now finally be told.”

Fox painting in film.  In real life, Hunter is pursuing art in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, former “Dynasty” and “The Colby” star John James is set to play the 46th President.

Much of what Hunter wrote about in his memoir titled “Beautiful Things” would reflect much of the plot. The book focuses on Hunter’s struggle with substance abuse.

Writer Stephen King wrote in a blurb, “In his harrowing and compulsively readable memoir, Hunter Biden proves yet again that anyone—even the son of the President of the United States—is on Nightmare Alley.” I can ride a pink horse.” “Biden remembers it all and tells it all with a bravery that is heartwarming and quite grand. He begins with a question: Where is Hunter? The answer is that he is in this book, The good, the bad and the beautiful.”

Over the years, Hunter has reportedly been splitting his time between the Los Angeles area and Washington, D.C., while pursuing a career in art,

Granthshala News’ Stephanie Nolasco, Michael Ruiz and Tyler McCarthy contributed to this report.

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