‘My Little Pony’ has gone woke: New Netflix movie introduces progressive creatures


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Netflix releases ‘My Little Pony: The Next Generation’ with a political twist

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It appears that “My Little Pony,” the kid-friendly animated franchise that dates back to the ’80s, has woken up.

Netflix has released “My Little Pony: The Next Generation,” and the 90-minute film welcomes new fictional creatures, some of them timid, with a mission to restore the pony world of Equestria with magic.


Starring Jane Krakowski, Vanessa Hudgens, Sofia Carson, Elizabeth Perkins, James Marsden, Ken Jeong and more, the film puts a spotlight on a land that is divided and in need of a somewhat political awakening. At all times, it maintains the cheerful tone and colorful visuals “My Little Pony” is known for.

In its description, Netflix Immediately draws attention to a pony that is disoriented because Equestria has “lost its magic,” thus leaving the three species – the Earth pony, the unicorn and the Pegasi – “living in fear and disbelief against each other.”

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In an apparent attempt to send a message about empowerment, unity, and reform to children, Hudgens plays the film’s heroine, an down-to-earth pony named Sunny, who makes peace with a curious unicorn named Izzy (Kimiko Glen). tries to. Outsiders from other communities. Along the way, they meet some friends and come together as a group of young progressives wanting to make a difference.

“I think it really reflects the timing,” Hudgens said of the film’s impact in an interview. abc 6. “My character believes in inclusion and friendship.”

“It’s such a sweet little message to remind me of,” Glenn added to the outlet. “Until you experience someone, you can’t know how they really live. When we come together we thrive. That’s an important message.”

At one point, Sunny leads the charge against a demonstration led by a defensive weapons manufacturer per capita. Review From The New York Times.

“Their mission is full of audacity, but each of these new best friends has their own unique and special gifts that might be needed to restore the magic to this Ponyverse and prove that even little ponies can make a big difference,” the Netflix description of the film continues.

Meanwhile, Marsden revealed that his character, Hitch, is “the first male pony of the main characters of the Ponyverse.”

“He’s the sheriff, so he likes to keep order and everything under control and keep everyone safe. By the end of the film, they’re embracing each other through a bond of friendship and discovering their own personalities.” There are hugs. Those are the things that little kids need to see more of,” the actor added.

The Times hints at “surprisingly unresolved references” to America’s current political climate parents are likely to see with their little ones. Anti-magic ponies are essentially “anti-science,” explains author Batrice Loeza. Meanwhile, Jeong’s Sprout is a “crimson demigod with a bleach-blonde mane” who “rises to power.”

“My Little Pony: The Next Generation” was directed by Robert Cullen and Jose L. Ucha did it. It is available to stream now.

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